Firefox 3.5 – Improvements breakdown

Firefox 3.5 is about to be released today so it’s nice to know what it will bring to the market as a “Browser for the next Web”. There are some actual screenshots and attempts in humoresque writing in this unbelievably great written article :). It’s informative too…


As expected this is the fastest, most powerful and secure Firefox ever… For the next version of the web.

  1. Faster rendering:

    Both static and dynamic pages are loaded noticeably faster. Javascript performance has also been improved thanks to TraceMonkey and Gecko layout engine (including speculative parsing for faster content rendering) .

  2. JSON and Web worker threads:
  3. Native JSON support enhances security, speed and by default demands less code to write;)
    Check the it here.

  4. Support for new technologies:
  5. Ahhh the HTML 5. Firefox has it’s paws on the HTML 5 already with the <video> and <audio> elements; Downloadable fonts and more new CSS properties, JS query selectors. Improvement in networking with cross-site access controls for HTTP requests; Improvements in JavaScript 1.8.1;

  6. Add-ons:One thing that’s often neglected when talking about the Firefox performance have also been improved and gained a speed boost. Now it’s up to the add-on developers to prepare their updates. Firebug is already updating thru the steady stream of betas 🙂
  7. Private browsing mode:A feature most wanted when you don’t want to leave traces of the sites and pages you’ve been visiting.ff3-5-private-browsing.png
  8. Location-aware browsing:Setting up your browser by your current Geo location allows you to get more “local” related results. Thankfully this feature is totally optional. Try it at their site.



  9. Video downloading:

    This should be great for everyone that now use one of many add-ons for video download if the likes of YouTube provide support for that feature.

  10. Reopening recently closed windows and tabs:

    Although this feature is way familiar to the Safari users (like many new features in the new FF 3.5) it will be of great help for everyone closing that tab by accident. Found in the “History” menu.

  11. Customizable skins:

    Now, this feature is definitely a not-must-have but a great asset to the marketing potential for the browser if only there was one theme usable enough :(. If you would like to skin your Fox do it here: Get personas.


Firefox icon has also changed, the fox is more furry and the globe is noticeable shinier:

Firefox 3.0:


Firefox 3.5



Since at the time of writing this article Firefox 3.5 hasn’t been released yet the furrier Fox could mean that it’s not been combed yet, also 😉

For the actual browser’s look and feel everything is pretty much the same although I could swear that they made the toolbars a bit more “tighter” looking and the new tab button is here just calling you to click on it and have another tab open:)

Those were the features I’ve considered to be most valuable for this release.

To summarize, Firefox 3.5 is now almost twice as fast, prepared for the HTML 5, has better networking, native JSON and Web worker threads, has private browsing mode and can locate you in a pretty much small radius ;). Oh, yeah, actual screenshots based on the Mac version of the ‘Fox.

If you haven’t already get it while it’s hot.

Thanks for reading.

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