IE6 update: A hat trick.

The guys from “Done21” presented an ingenious way of “upgrading” your visitor’s IE 6 to IE 8.

This much needed change for everyone is available at their site as an add-on for the web page using some jQuery magic and obvious good style copying of that infamous IE yellow-bar.

The hat-trick is pretty simple. You plant the .js code in the page and when the visitor using IE6 hits that
page he is presented with the pale yellow dropdown bar offering “update” for the wretched browser, which takes the user to the microsoft’s IE8 download page. Hillarious 🙂

Picture 11.png

Head over to the site and plant that seed on your web page.


  1. Wow, I’m way late to comment here. 😛 Thanks for the post! 😀

    Nick Pettit
    Co-Founder and Lead Designer
    Done21 (creators of

  2. Great; create a message that fakes an application message, nothing like inspiring user trust in the web.

  3. Nice, but already done, Pushuptheweb is a project that displays a message to IE6 users to upgrade, FF1 and FF2 Users to upgrade to FF3 also Opera and Safari are supported all in one script.


    If you use pushuptheweb you can submit your site to a list to get a free link 🙂

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