Improve your spelling skills while having lots of fun!

Our friends and coworkers at Surgeworks Mobile released an awesome iPhone game application called Letter Blocks World. We are playing with it for days now and having lots of fun!

There are lots of people that visit who are not natural English speakers. This game will be awesome for you. You’ll start thinking about all sorts of different words and hopefully learn how to spell them correctly. But it is not all about learning, this game is fun! There are 3 different mods you can play with: Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Clear the Board.

Story Mode

An increasingly challenging game with 15 levels and a different target for each level. Reach the target score or compose the number of words required to complete the level before the time runs out! Conquer all 5 Letter Block Worlds by completing the 15 levels in one game. Don’t let the board fill in or you’ll loose the game!

Arcade Mode

Freestyle in a random world. The higher you score, the faster blocks will fall on the board. How long will you last? Challenge the your friends to beat your high score through the Open Feint gaming network!

Clear the Board

Look! A board full of blocks! Can you clean it up without shaking the device to get more blocks? Achieve that to enter the global high scores for this game mode!

Warning: Magento is NOT a word. xD

You can buy the app here.

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  1. Hehe. We had a lot of fun with it today, but we noticed also a huge flaw. Game doesn’t recognize word “Magento”. πŸ˜‰ Just a joke.

    Great game guys and congratulations!!!

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