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I’m a big fan of John Resig‘s work. For those who doesn’t know he is the man behind jQuery JavaScript library, Firebug developer, Mozilla Corporation programmer and a man who made me laugh more than once.

I would also like to mentione his Learning Advanced JavaScript as a starting point for anyone who is, well, learning advanced JavaScript 😉

Few days ago jQuery celebrated 3 years with a announcment of 1.3 version which brings us number of major changes and some new features to play with.

Sizzle: brand new CSS selector engine
Live events: events that can be bound to all current AND FUTURE elements (now that’s a great idea!)
Event object: some serious refactoring of the jQuery event system
HTML injection rewrite: lightning-fast HTML appending
Offset rewrite: super-quick position calculation
No more browser sniffing: technique called feature detection

New Zend Framework 1.7 also introduces ZendX_JQuery component which integrates jQuery as an alternative to the already existing Dojo library. I didn’t tried it yet, but be sure i will. Maybe now Magento team would consider to use jQuery as their main library. I know it’s lot of work, but for some future versions, who knows.

I wish jQuery all the best and to last for many more years to come.


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  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone that could make some “blank” magento template or extension, that would work with the minimum or totaly without javascript?
    Or if that is not possible, is there anyone who could make a magento default template using only jQuery with no prototype and other loads of scripts? I think that that could be quite popular template for a lot of developers.

    kind regards

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