Using custom php.ini file with php CLI


Considering that I have never been real Linux user before, there was few things that I had to learn to successfully handle my code on server through SSH.

One of these things is forcing php CLI to use my custom php.ini file on server.

Let me start this story from beginning …

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TWIG with WordPress part1

Making TWIG autoload from WP plugin

Maybe someone will say: this is a crazy idea. Why would someone want to do that?
Maybe it really is crazy, but I would say: why not?

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Parsing Amazon affiliate links in WordPress

Recently my team had problem with Amazon affiliate links on our web site.
On the web, we have wordpress installation and inside main content of web page we have some Amazon affiliate links that entered in the content few years ago and not working any more because Amazon changed API somehow. I searched the web for some new version of wordpress plug-in for new API version, because our old plug-in for displaying that links properly was turned off.

FYI that links inside content look like this:

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How difficult is Git branching?

Well, in short – it isn’t! But, when it comes to branching, it comes to “merging problem”. I say problem although it isn’t, and if you’re interested, I’ll show you why.

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Basic Git usage from console

Hi! Today I’m going to write an article about basic Git usage in practice. I’m not going to go into depth of Git repository setup, but rather on developer’s side – what’s important to understand to start using it?

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How to limit web services so they don’t kill CPU

© by groenmen/sxc

Hi! As any developer, I’ve encountered a small problem when working with PHP under Apache. It’s all good until you have to test the “real life” situations. For example – if you use imagemagick library in your application. It can get quite heavy on server load. So if you want to read a solution for it, read on.

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Dynamic grids anyone?

For my second 🙂 article I’m again writing about Ext.js. Ext.js has one great part for showing data – grids. These look really nice and you can style them pretty easily. It all works like a charm when you’re using them for static data. But what when things get dynamic? What when you don’t know the number of the headers that you need in the table and not just rows? Here’s where this article will help.

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PhpStorm IDE overview

Developing sites and applications demands the best tool you can afford. PhpStorm is by far the best friend you can get when dealing with web development. Here’s why.

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Git vs SVN A.K.A. Everyone likes control

Hi! Today I’ll try to make an objective overview of both SVN’s and Git’s pros and cons from developer side. I won’t go into depth of configuration of any of them neither will discuss specific commands, but rather functionality itself.

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