Website Launch Flowchart

Did you ever wonder what does it take to build a successful website? Bob Misita from Virante helps us visualize the process. He made a flowchart of 40 steps that need to be completed before actual website launch. Although the list is quite comprehensive, this steps really occur even in medium sized projects.

I hope this will help all of you who want to build a self-money-generation sites with the deadline of 3 weeks. Look at the flowchart, analyze it and don’t start the development until you planned at least 80% of this boxes.

The flowchart is a detailed guide that covers optimized website design, development and multichannel marketing integration. Web design doesn’t exist in a vacuum nor does marketing. The most optimized, easiest functioning and best performing sites are those that find a balance between design, content, business tool complexity and marketing integration.

How to Download The Website Launch Flowchart

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  1. What about user / usability testing? What about identifying user needs? If you just push stuff to the market without verifying it first you are likely to blow your money out of the chimney.

    1. Identify user needs and requirements
    2. Test
    3. Re-design
    4. Test
    5. If 4. fails go to 3.

  2. This is really nice and comprehensive. I think I’ll print this out to be sure not to skip any of these steps in my next project!

    Fun fact: if the average small business would be aware of everything involved in this chart, they would think twice before pursuing a new website creation, and would complain less about the price tag πŸ˜‰

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