Bring Christmas to your Web

Christmas time is coming to our doors each day closer and closer.
Remember the joy you got every year when Christmas comes?!
Cleaning your car every morning before you go to work,
driving trough the streets decorated with all the Christmas lights and lovely snow balls, children are making snowmen..

Why do people run to shopping centers?
Everywhere you go is crowded, everybody buys something..
Lights everywhere, decorations on every store, Christmas discount on each shopwindow

Ask yourself:
Why not decorate your site?!
If you are owner of web shop, put some gifts on specific orders or products.
Give buyers some Christmas discount they will be happy, Christmas time is time of gifts, right?!
Make your web more popular or increase your web traffic with real small effort.

If you are using wordpress here is nice site with some usefull christmas theme links:

Or if you got skills using Photoshop but just can’t get idea how to do it, here is nice tutorial how to make nice Christmas layout:

I believe that till next Christmas we will develop our Inchoo Christmas Theme for Magento and you will be able to use it on your shop.
Enjoy in Christmas holidays 🙂

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