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EDIT: Read Magento custom designed gallery with cu3er

Like my colleague Ivan Kalaica wrote in his post, “It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here”, but I didn’t get married, finish college or had my birthday, yet …. I’ve found CU3ER \kju:ber\. Yes, this single piece of image slider from Stefan Kovac ( made my day. Here’s why…

As you can see in the video I’ve made with our Kodak Zi8, this is visually a stunning piece of work.

The slider offers some great features like:
it’s FREE, very EASY to set up, ridiculously easy CUSTOMIZABLE via XML,TAILORED to provide a UNIQUE look & feel, INSPIRING,FUN-to-USE.

Seriously, the slider looks awesome the first you see it and the feeling doesn’t wear off as time passes by.
The ease of configuration via XML, provided abundant documentaiton makes the implementation of the slider a breeze and especially if you use it with an iFrame just to fit it on your web-page for a quick look makes this an instant success.

The best visual features are the 3D Image Transitions:

  • real 3D Transitions
  • flat & phong shading
  • horizontal or vertical cubing
  • transition direction – left, right, up, down
  • duration & delay
  • z-multiplier
  • cube color
  • automatic forward-backward transition direction manager
  • to override global settings for each transition …

Without going on with this Cu3erfilia I invite you to see it for yourself:

Cu3er demo:

Stefan kovac’s info:

Cheers and let’s use the best of the web we can 🙂

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  1. isn’t this a to heavy applicationsto have on a magento e-commerce site? I mean 127 kb swf file…compared to the usual xml banner at 32 kb….Or what do you guys think??

  2. Thank you for the fast reply!
    Please explain me more exactly what i must do in a few steps. I am a beginner not a programmer and i do not know what code i must insert in admin in Magento. Please help me.

  3. @Virgil The easiest and hustle free way to do it would be to put in inside of the iframe. Before that you should place the script somewhere inside of the magento installation, preferably in the /skin/your_theme folder.

    The actual code for the iframe should be placed in the Magento “home page” through CMS page editor in the Admin panel. Hope that helps 🙂

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