How to make charts in WordPress

There is a cool new WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create different charts while writing your blog post. The charts then remains in code form inside your post (so that you can easily edit it’s values) while your blog visitors see it as an image.

Easy Chart Builder for WordPress supports 3 different chart types: horizontal, vertical and a pie chart. You can choose any color you want to represent any group compared in the chart.

This should be extremely cool and useful tool for all of the marketers using wordpress out there as we do use lots of data that could be showed in form of a chart.

This is what you can edit in your WordPress charts:

  • Chart type (horizontal, vertical or pie)
  • Chart’s height and width (in pixels)
  • Title of your chart
  • Names of groups compared in chart
  • Color of groups compared in chart (FF00FF, 482293, 444822 for example)
  • Names of values assigned to comparing groups
  • You can assign values to the group

This is just a first release, it is expected that in future updates we will have an editor so there will be no need for entering any code manually.

Here is a sample chart made with Easy Chart Builder for WordPress:

[easychart type=”pie” height=”300″ width=”620″ title=”Sample pie chart” groupnames=”Group 1, Second group, Group 3″ groupcolors=”FF00FF, 005599, 229944″ valuenames=”Value 1, Value 2, Value 3, Value 4″ group4values=”22, 41, 15, 133″]

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  1. yes friend that’s interesting!

    how about the free wordpress blogs?Can we draw charts there as well?how?

    I would be happy if you can post a comment on this in my blog or a link about this topis

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