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I use WordPress for a couple of years, but there was one built-in feature I missed for a long time. We all know WordPress has a built in feed whom it places automatically in META tag. I would like to thank all of you who are subscribed to our one. You can see that we have many blog categories. Those of you who are interested in iPhone development are probably not so interested in Magento.

This is why some of you might be interested in subscribing only to one category. In case you wish to get the RSS or Feed only from one category, all you have to do is add “/rss” or “/feed” as an URL suffix on your desired listing.

For example:

Magento category:
Magento category RSS:
jQuery tag:
jQuery tag RSS:
Branko’s Articles:
Branko’s Articles RSS:

I hope this will help somebody. Is there more of you WordPress fans who were not aware of this?

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  1. That’s definitely a disadvantage for the webmaster, but it still remains a good feature for the visitors. There is one other purpose for this. Some other blogs that write about Magento might be interested in placing our Magento RSS to their RSS Widget. Those Blogs will probably not be interested in too many topics.

  2. Except for our main RSS feed, all of these feeds do not go through FeedBurner, so we will be unable to track subscribers for them. That’s probably the reason why these RSS feeds were not widely accepted. There is no automatic way to assign them a FeedBurner account, and manual creation of FeedBurner account for every Tag, Category and everything (even individual posts fave post comment RSS) would be pretty useless in tracking purposes.

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