WordPress 3.1 new features rundown

Writers, developers rejoice for some new features likeΒ Internal linking,Β Front-end Admin Bar and some pretty good advancements on taxonomy queries and post templates. Hit the button, read the rundown.

Features expected in WordPress 3.1:

Internal linking – After years of expectations WordPress will gain more on CMS functionality then ever and make wordpress even more SEO efficient.

Writers will now have the ability to browse thru posts and pages from the admin and add the internal links directly while writing the post. Guess I’ll stop using dedicated desktop apps that don’t support that.

Front-End Admin Bar – Having the back-end on the front-end in terms of a on-top placed administration bar will provide easy access to the dashboard, post writing etc.

This would come in handy for multisite wordpress sites and for those who like having some bar sitting on top πŸ™‚ Judging by the community feedback it’s a very welcomed feature.

Admin Screens on AJAX – This one will allow reordering/sorting columns for the admin interface. One great application of this is with the sorting, pagination and most importantly searching. Hope this one gets applied to comments also but as they state on their dev blog “it’s still being reviewed for inclusion”.

Next presented features are more interesting to developers and advanced users since they bring WordPress even closer to that CMS flavor:

Advanced taxonomy queries – The taxonomy queries, as announced, should be easier to create and enable sorting posts and pages a lot easier. I guess that recreating multiple taxonomies through categories should be a thing of the past.

Something like: “I’d like a list of all your cars without the stereo please”. “Yes sir, here you are.” but without wordpress actually talking with the user πŸ˜‰

Post templates / Post styles – This feature brings WordPress a few steps closer to an actual CMS with the ability for the user to select a pre-defined post template or post style, carefully prepared by a developer and accessible via drop-down.

All of these improvements are also accompanied with bug fixes and of course, some UI changes and enhancements. This will also be the last version to support PHP 4.

The release is scheduled for December 15, a month after the Beta release.

You can read their full process and scope at their dev blog.

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