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There I was yesterday, sitting at the caffe bar, waiting for friends to arrive. Newspaper news were boring since the topics were all about standard politics. During these times I often check latest comments on this blog and moderate (approve or spam) them. Logging to the administration via my HTC desire was a pain and clicking on that tiny “Approve” link is even more painful. I was thinking that native Android App would be of great help.

It exists and it is official as you can see on the official site of the project: http://android.wordpress.org/

This is also an Open Source project, which means we can play a part in its development. WordPress for Android is released under the GNU General Public License. Both app and source code are free to download and use however we’d like. Sweet!

Download WordPress for Android

Android for WordPress BarcodeIf you have a barcode scanner installed on your device, scan the code here to be taken directly to the download page for WordPress for Android.

Other way is top open Android Market application and search for “wordpress”. Select and install the application that is published by Automattic, Inc


Although the app itself lets you easily write blog posts, edit and create pages aswel as view traffic stats, I don’t believe I will use anything else than comment management.

Wordpress for Android Comments

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  1. As I’ve had to stay away from my computer for a week, I have been focussing my student assignment on whether or not the information architectural components of a CMS provided by WordPress are easily handled via a tablet.

    Now that I have completed my own testing I have been wondering whether experienced WordPressers (my assignment is my first WordPress.com site) ever try to manage content on a tablet.

    A google search took me to your lovely website, and I note that you figured only to be interested in the comment management feature of the app. Has that view changed in the last 18 months? Do you use the Dashboard on a tablet at all?

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