Zend Core – PHP LAMP/WAMP stack overview

For all those in open source web application development, like myself, LAMP/WAMP is well known term, especially if your development is based on PHP. Imagine WAMP with commercial support available and you what to you get? You get Zend Core. I don’t mean to be harsh neither to WAMP or Zend Core with statements like these. I’m simply trying to explain as short as possible, to those interested in Zend Core what it actually is.

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Zend authentication component (Zend_Auth), database storage class

I love Zend Framework. Sometimes it can really be overhead but most of the time it’s really nice working in well organized, documented framework. One of the components I use relatively often iz Zend_Auth component. Zend Framework documentation is quite rich so I wont get into explaining how to use Zend_Auth. There is one thing that bothered me in Zend_Auth, and that’s persistent storage. Zend_Auth (in the latest version 1.7.6, as of time of this writing) supports only Session state as it’s storage. What I needed is full database session storage.

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Getting started with REST using Zend Framework

I was playing with SOAP for the last few days. I must say, it looks somewhat complicated in some areas. After some google-ing on SOAP vs REST stuff I decided to write this simple ZendFramework REST how to. Actualy this is a PHP part of tutorial since I was working on a PHP and C# solution using Mono framework for C# part can be found on my site. My desire was to create a web service in PHP environment and consume that service in C# environment.Getting started with REST using ZendFramework. Here’s the PHP REST server part.

Basic example is really, really simple. Aren’t they always. Seriously, it’s not my intention to go into outermost details.

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