Back to the roots: Magento is Magento again!

The word was out, earlier this week, that Magento has (finally) launched as an independent company, backed by Permira funds.

Community exploded with the news that the company is going back to its roots – Twitter buzzed about the right path Magento is back on.

What is Inchoo’s take on the topic? We asked our CEO Tomislav Bilić to share.

Many faces in Magento community smiled at the start of this week at the announcement that Magento Commerce has launched as an independent company. Things will be simple again. We’ll have less politics and less sides to please.

Ever since eBay acquired Magento back in 2011, we were struggling to understand decisions and desired paths for the platform. Do you remember X.Commerce? How about Fabric? I recall Imagine 2012 where most of the discussions started like. “Do you have an idea what X.commerce is supposed to be?”. Magento was part of it in a weird mix with many other products. That story is over. Fortunately.

Later, it was eBay Enterprise where slogan “eCommerce Platform for Growth” was removed and replaced by “an eBay Inc Company”. At times, Magento seemed more like a political organisation than a company with clear mission.

With the restored independence Magento will have new battles to take on. Mark Lavelle, CEO at Magento in his open letter declared a war on competitors. Two times. He obviously acknowledges the fact that competitors are getting stronger and Magento will have to fight to keep the market leader position.

For Inchoo, this is a positive moment. We need strong eCommerce platform. Omnichannel platform. We need strong Magento. Magento 2 is just around the corner. Partners will face challenges to grasp it and merchants will have trouble understanding benefits of migration. Besides less communication channels in the ecosystem, I expect to see a boost of startup spirit in the newly formed company, which will certainly help in winning this fight.

Ecosystem will be simpler. And simple is good.

With Magento 2 just around the corner, one thing is certain. Magento is serious about taking the game to the next level. Competition may be strong but Magento is on its way of proving they are stronger – and no. 1 company in eCommerce market share for a reason.

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