Beware, OMGcommerce 2016 is approaching

After uber successful last year’s conference where more than 350 people had a chance to meet and hear new stuff, this year as well, Netokracija has booked a place in time and space where all of us can gather, mingle, share each other’s digital experience and hear amazing speakers. Starting Wednesday June the 1st, we will enjoy two-day OMGcommerce conference and hear tons of useful stuff about e-commerce.

Day one

The first day of the conference is all about trends in digital economy. Online activities rapidly grow all over the world and the same happens in Croatia. People that are going to attend the first day of OMGcommerce will learn about current eCommerce activities that are happening below the Croatian sky as well as new things that are going to affect the way we live and work.

eCommerce cafe
You already get the idea that OMGcommerce is nothing about theoretical knowledge and selling gibberish – it’s about sharing real life stories and advice that will add value to each attendee’s businesses. Besides listening to amazing speakers that will take the stage during the first day, several companies are going to receive an additional value by participating in eCommerce cafe.
This is a separate event that is going to be kept in parallel with the presentations, where companies will be able to share their specific business cases and get free advice on how to improve their business.

Since we at Inchoo love auditing Magento sites from various parts of our planet, we just had to jump in to become a part of eCommerce cafe and share our experience with Croatian store owners as well. We will work together with conference’s partner Neuralab who did a great job with last year’s successful eCommerce cafe.

Day two

The second day is reserved for only 150 special people that want to get applicable and valuable advices related to eCommerce, tourism and marketing. Four main topics will be covered:

  • How to have the best possible web shop
  • eCommerce digital marketing
  • How to choose the best technology for digital economy success
  • How can tourism use the latest digital economy trends as a tool for growth

Each topic will have a set of presentations which will be held by people that have valuable experience in specific areas. Among them we are proud to present two Inchooers who are going to take the stand during this second day. Let’s see what are they going to share.

Inchooers on OMGcommerce

Our eCommerce consultant Vanja Bunjevac is going to tell you about the most important things you have to do in order to become a successful eCommerce manager. He will cover three main topics: knowing your market, crafting successful marketing strategy and optimizing overall web store. Very valuable speak to hear.

We all know that responsive is a must as there is a great probability that you are reading this on your mobile device. You are searching your favorite products/services the same way..and so are your customers. Today we are aware of the fact that without optimized user experience on mobile, a large piece of pie will be lost. In order to improve your current shops, first of all you have to identify areas for improvement. The best way to do that is to put yourself in your user’s shoes.
Our experienced designer Dino Balen is going to help you with that by speaking about challenges that small screen users face and the factors that cause lower conversion rates. After listening to his presentation, you’ll run to meet your team and share new amazing ideas that are waiting for you to implement.

Lots of neat stuff at the beginning of June, right? And it’s all happening in Zagreb, Croatia. We are happy to support and to be a part of this story. We believe that every attendee, whether he’s a merchant, marketer, IT guy or just a curious mind will enjoy spending time on OMGcommerce 2016! We know that we will.

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