Google TV and e-commerce

By now, everybody that reads this blog has probably heard of upcoming Google TV, a device that is set to revolutionize the broadcasting industry and finally take it to the next step – the world of actual two way interaction. Since we deal with e-commerce here at inchoo, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw what Google TV is was its effect on e-commerce world.

Since Google TV will be able to run Android apps, what should we actually call this kind of shopping – e-commerce, m-commerce or tv-commerce? Well, first of all, your TV is not very mobile, so I guess m-commerce is disqualified as a valid name, no matter it can run apps initially intended for mobile use. E-commerce should be a pretty valid name, since your TV will be connected with the internet so you are actually buying via the internet. I think tv-commerce or TVcommerce would be the most proper name, but it could get confused with “old tv-commerce”.

Marketing and TVcommerce

I think marketing to the TVcommerce potential buyers will not be much different than marketing to the e-commerce audience. You will have mostly the same mediums for advertising. With TVcommerce, I believe video content will get much more influence on buyers’ behavior which will mostly benefit the online video publishing industry that will finally get it’s deserved share of world’s advertising budget. TVcommerce solutions, however, will have interfaces similar to the mCommerce applications, rather than eCommerce.

If Google TV goes mainstream, people like Philip DeFranco that are very strong influences in the online video community as well as among the viewers, will become extremely powerful individuals. I took Philip DeFranco as an example not just because he is one of the most subscribed YouTubers of all time, but also because of the content of his show. He was able to collect 1.1 million subscribers by expressing his opinion about daily news. It’s his opinion that people want to hear, which means he has a strong influence on people’s perceptions of brands and products. His influence with Google TV will only grow. It’s a remarkable power given into the hands of a sole individual.

All things considered, I expect a very turbulent age is ahead of us. We will probably witness the great fight between broadcasting and “two-way-communication industry”. Pick a side, get some popcorns and enjoy the match!

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