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Inbound selling is a rather new approach in the world of sales. It’s a way of selling where you don’t call or interrupt your potential clients and leads. You acquire them with your inbound and other marketing techniques and respond to their interest and inquiries. And this is how we at Inchoo mostly sell our services.

Inbound selling method enables the salesperson to act like an advisor, consultant, solution-provider and a problem-solver, and all that is well received by the customers. The leads you generate could be acquired through any of the marketing channels you use and of course via your inbound marketing techniques. The key is – you attract them with your quality of work, brand and knowledge, and then you respond when they ask you to. You don’t interrupt and you don’t do classic sales pitching.

The leads come to you and then you communicate and have a chance to close the deals (sell) to the leads actually interested in what you have to say and the products/services you offer. You spend your time and energy more efficiently and the chances your sales teams’ efforts will bear fruit are much higher. Inbound sales team is connected to every part of the company. Actually, your entire business acts like a great sales pitch, especially every communication with potential leads and your customers through social media channels and every other public appearance.

Your selling effort is in the part of generating leads (e.g. inbound marketing channels), welcoming their arrivals, communicating and of course, closing the deals. It is a more lenient selling approach, but it takes a greater common effort throughout the whole business process and the entire company.

Inbound sales can operate if you pay attention to…

  • Identity and visibility – you will get inquiries and calls if you are recognized for what you do and if you are known for sustained quality
  • Proper business strategy – sales is not a separate department of the company that offers a finished product – it is connected to other processes and it’s not the last line of operations
  • Networking and communication – this is not only social media kind of networking, but connecting all the dots of your business into recognizable perception. Every effort you and your employees make could acquire you new leads

What makes Inchoo inbound sales work

  • Identity and visibility through our blog and social media channels – we offer our knowledge and experience for free and our potential customers react positively on our knowledge sharing. They want to work with someone who shows good quality and expertise.
  • Proper business strategy – our sales team is not on the last line of operations only closing the deals. We communicate with our development teams and discuss what could be the best for a particular business situation we come across. We don’t take on every project and we try to take on work which will help us to maintain our desired level of quality.
  • We don’t do sales pitching and don’t offer our services directly to potential customers. Communication is something we do a lot, and it is not only with a number of leads, but it is with our partner companies and also with our development teams.

Does inbound selling mean you need less selling effort? Actually no. It means your effort is different – it is a transformed way of selling, closely associated with your marketing and other areas of business.

Inbound selling seems like a logical transformation of selling as we know it. People don’t want to get disturbed and they don’t respond to what they have seen before. They have more information and knowledge available than ever, so we should focus our strengths on doing meaningful things and delivering valuable solutions. We should let them discover us as their best choice and then sell to them because of that.

And what is your business and sales strategy? How do you attract new leads and could you implement inbound selling in your company? Share your experiences in the comments below…

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