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It doesn’t matter in which industry you are doing business and what exactly you are doing – you do it because of people. Whatever you are doing, your project, organization or company is a part of a value chain, connecting people together to produce and deliver new values – to the people.

You should consider this when defining your business strategy or just when arriving to work (every day). This will change your way of doing things and has a great possibility to increase your productivity and overall satisfaction – yours, your boss’, team leaders’ and definitely the satisfaction of your customers.

There is a “tech paradigm” that rules the world and which puts focus on innovating new solutions aiming at different markets and profit. It’s about technology because of beating competition and doing it because we can, because we want to be faster then others, or just doing something about the technology since it’s so changing, exciting and a good platform to be on… Technology, whether you are developing it, selling it, fixing it, writing about it, /add your tech-related job here/, should never be initially about the technology – you do the work you do with technology because of people. Your effort is finally valued in the eyes of people that will experience it (not percentages, currency or any related indicator). This is the only measure that can ensure you perspective and growth.

Think about your approach when doing your work and start being “all about the people.“ Hopefully, some of these ideas might bring you closer to the people in your value chain.

1. Embrace people-centric approach when developing new products/solutions

If you are a developer, engineer or have similar more logical type of expertise, don’t forget that “other” people might have a different point of view than yours and that you are doing/developing for them. Clarify who will be the ending value-carriers of your work, and think about them before and while working. Take a look at the most successful start-ups and businesses – those are the ones that brought and kept significant value to the people. So, focus on your value-carriers.

2. Develop your communication skills

You actively use a number of communication channels, but make sure you use them properly, in the way they are supposed to be used, respecting their possibilities and limitations. Be especially careful to look at your contacts and connections in online world like there are real people behind those profiles 🙂 Don’t forget the power of good old live communication (when possible) and show that you care about what you deliver to people. Don’t be surprised if your business results and personal satisfaction jump significantly as you show good care of your connections and treat people as people 🙂

3. Include your colleagues and other people from your value chain in maintaining this people-oriented approach

It’s not just you who has to do all the work to get the best results out of this. Set up a good example yourself, show respect to people and insist on this criteria within your working teams and also in your business relationships.

Let’s bring and use the best of technology – let’s use it as a tool that helps people and which gets developed, improved and exists for the people.

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