Managing a Magento store is like parenting – 5 troubleshooting tips

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The other day while we were trying to put our son to sleep, I couldn’t help but find several similarities between taking care of your babies and running your Magento stores.

For all of you who combine parenting with managing a Magento store as an owner or a development partner, here’s one quick and hopefully feel-good read.

So, you’ve gone past the initial Magento scare and you have a store that’s up and running, and if you did a good job on making the world (or at least your target audience) hear about you, you’re getting some orders in.

This would be something like getting your baby home for the first time – everything is exciting and you can’t seem to get enough of your little angel.

And then the fun begins…

All of a sudden, something is up, and your store begins to act like a baby that’s unhappy for some reason. So you start troubleshooting, and some of these potential causes are rather nicely aligned.

Are they thirsty? = Have you refreshed the cache?

Are they hungry? = Do you need more server power?

Do they need changing? = Did you reindex the data?

Are they teething? = Did you just install an extension?

Wobbly on their feet? = Is your store optimized?

Now, if these rather familiar troubleshooting techniques don’t help, there’s always someone else you can talk to – if you’re a parent, chances are you’ll consult your more experienced friends and family members, and then consider a doctor’s appointment.

Similarly, when running a Magento store, you’ll probably start looking for some assistance in places and with people who you feel you can trust.

So, as the next step – make sure to check out one of our recent articles on conducting Magento site performance assessments to see how we approach some of the more elaborate issues you may be facing. Get in touch with us if you’ll need an extra helping hand to make sure your “baby” is doing just fine and growing into someone you’re going to be very proud of.

Happy parenting!

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