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Inchoo blog is very popular within Magento community. We get feedback from a lot of people who are interested in Magento or are Magento developers saying our blog is a very useful learning tool for them. Although it is very natural for us to share our knowledge, we noticed there are not a lot of companies that feel free enough to do so. For us, it is important to share with Magento community what we’ve learned as it can help others with their work and also be very helpful for us to get feedback so we deliver better solutions to our clients.

The concept of open communication of sharing the way you work with your customers and clients is called Marketing by sharing. It’s first mentioned by Jason Fried who is the co-founder and President of 37signals.

But you need to know how to do it well and to show great respect to your readers and potential customers. Also be careful not to show any disrespect to your clients. Of course, you can’t share everything and you should think of your strategy and channels of sharing.

Here are some tips from our experience on how to be a good marketer of sharing.    

1. Get to know your key competences so you know what and how to share

You can’t mix and offer everything your business includes and deals with, since it might not be interesting and helpful to your readers as you may think. You are not forced to tell people everything your business works on, but you want to help them understand and want your products and services. Be aware of yourself and your business and learn what are your strengths that are worth talking about.

2. Empower learning in organization

Don’t do that just because its trendy to say you are a (lifelong) learning organization, but because you really aim for self-improvement and team growth. Let your employees see their job positions as platforms to develop themselves.

3. Be unique, be worth coming back to

Be consistent in delivering your promises by delivering only quality solutions (knowledge). You don’t want to share something that could be easily found by Google – but you want to be easily found by Google 🙂 Build your type of knowledge sharing as something that could grow to be a positive habit of your customers, readers and community.

4. Don’t forget all about it when your business is enjoying prosperity

Knowledge sharing is about creating respectful relationships with your customers and people that want to listen to you. Don’t forget about them when you fulfil your initial goals. You might not get a second chance to be listened to.

5. Remember that those who actually have a lot of knowledge are not afraid of using it

Knowledge is the only resource that grows by sharing, so don’t be afraid of the opportunities to become better. If your company really has a lot of knowledge that can serve to others and eventually be sold through your products and services, you won’t even think of hiding it. If you really care (as you probably say you do), you will gladly involve customers and community in the life of your company, as your products and services are targeted at them. You will listen to them because they will be more than happy to tell you what you can do for them.

Don’t hesitate. Go market by sharing.

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