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Customer reviews and their influence on conversion rate and search engine CTR

Customer’s reviews are a powerful tool that strongly affect your online store’s conversion rates and – if implemented properly – click through rates in your SERPs. This article will cover just how much do they affect it in numbers and point out some of the best practices in acquiring these reviews and implementing them properly into your store.

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mCommerce – Consumers are ready, industry is not

mCommerce (mobile commerce) is here to stay and due to the recently published researches, we have data to back it up and predict the growth. The only problem is, consumers seem to be accepting the change much faster than the industry is. Since both mCommerce and eCommerce are growing sectors, we know they will continue to coexist, however, eCommerce industry seems to be not very agile when it comes to upgrading their solutions to fit the small screens.

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When less is more in eCommerce

This post will explain the situations in which removing certain elements of your online store might give you better conversions or improve your search engine rankings. There are lots of online stores out there that tend to add too much stuff to their store in hope of improving their income, not realizing that these things might actually create a completely opposite result from the one they hoped to achieve.

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