SEO for developers in 9 slides

I was preparing this presentation for our in-house education, but then I figured it would be useful for other SEO-s out there that wanna teach their development team the basics of on-site SEO – stuff that developers should know. So here are the slides, and underneath I explain what should be said on each of them.

1. Introduction

2. Explaining the difference between ranking factors and stuff that’s not on-site ranking factor but is important for SEO for other reasons.

3. Explaining the Title tag, how to structure it, how first 12 words is the only thing that Google will index from the title and count as a title, how they have to be unique per URL on a website.

4. Explaining how links pass PageRank, how the anchor text is important and how only the first link from one URL to the other counts.

5. Explaining how images help with on-site SEO if alt and title are entered properly and also explaining how images rank in image search.

6. Explaining human readable URLs, and how to make sure they don’t make too many canonical versions of the same content.

7. Explaining how to structure title and H tags by comparing it with a book.

8. Explaining that meta description is a text snippet that Google might show in SERP, that it needs to be unique per URL just like title tag, and telling them that it’s better to leave it empty than automatically put junk in there.

9. Explaining how Google doesn’t like the whole search inside search thing and how site search result pages shouldn’t be indexed.

10. Since I noticed a lot of people that don’t do SEO but do web development think that meta keywords are important, on this slide just explain them not to waste time on it.

11. Q&A

If you need any help, we can do a Magento Website Assessment for your site.

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