Speakers of Developers Paradise about why you should come

There’s a certain amount of buzz about the upcoming Developers Paradise. And why wouldn’t there be? You can expect not only beautiful coastline and great atmosphere but also hot Magento 2 topics from one of the best minds in the industry. We asked them why are they coming to DevParadise, here’s what they had to say.

April will be full of lively events. Community will gather in Vegas, as it usually does, for the Magento Imagine, and then head over to beautiful Opatija to get their fair share of tense techtalks.

Jisse Reitsma confirmed:

I’m so looking forward to the Developers Paradise in Croatia. Of all the community events all over the world, this is still the one with the best techtalks!

And not only that, mentions Fabian Schmengler:

Developers Paradise is a great event to connect with the community, talk to smart people and learn new things, while having fun in the sun. I’m looking forward to meet fellow developers from all over Europe and share my own knowledge as a speaker this time.

If you were thinking whether to get that ticket (or two, maybe even ten), Yaroslav Rogoza has your answer:

Developers Paradise is a place where you can prove again that Magento is not only an eCommerce platform but the lifestyle as well. It’s a really good chance to bring some fresh ideas and meet a lot of great minds from the community by having fun and spending time together with Magento developers from various parts of the world.

Final thoughts have been well summarized by Marco Lopes:

With the release of Magento 2, there’s never been a better time to bring together the Magento community to share our experiences so far. Developers Paradise has a great reputation in the Magento world, and I’m looking forward to hearing so many different perspectives from the community.

Now, wouldn’t you want to taste some of that atmosphere? With everything we got in store for you (so far!) and working on many more things to come, we are positive the number of delegates will only grow. Join over 100 people from all over Magento globe who already bought their tickets in exploring Magento 2 – click here for more details!

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