What could the new year bring for your ecommerce business?

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There are a lot of ecommerce and other predictions, expectations and announcements for 2014. It’s a fresh start and opportunity for all of us to try to perform better, so we will share a couple of thoughts of our own, not predicting or expecting anything, but trying to help you discover useful insights you could apply for your Magento business development.

1. The smarter the better

Not only Google with it’s search algorithm, and your customers due to big data exposure, but also you as business owner or decision maker, should embrace smarter new technologies and approaches than before. What you have chewed through previous years about your business, markets, customers and competition, you can’t apply the same way. “Smarter the better” in Magento sense means you might want to discover smarter ways of customer data analysis you have been gathering over the years, embrace new sophisticated analysis tools, improve your product pages even if you are selling well, invest in proper customer engagement and testimonials if you already have good and valuable connections, experiment with your social media channels interaction especially if you are performing well…

We receive a number of inquiries regarding damaged Magento systems and people wanting to fix something on them, and just a few with even more robust approach, who want to invest in constant improvement. Now it’s to time to work on things not only when they are broken, but because they are worthy and we should tend to know why (with looking for answers in our customer’s behaviour) we want those changes.

2. Responsive technologies and behaviour

We have already written about responsive website design, so perhaps you want to check this out when thinking about your overall business strategy. However, there is much more than the design that should become “responsive” for the success of your online storefront. Maintaining technology as a platform for your business model i.e. Magento as your ecommerce platform up to date, should not be your first business new year resolution. The best for managing your business should be not to worry about tech fixes and improvements only when they appear – you might want to think about embracing new trends, best practices and platform maintenance in your regular business workflow, as a standard to keep your business existing.

Move forward from your previous fire extinguishing experiences, and put better effort in keeping your store healthy on the inside. Be responsive and invest more in prevention, ongoing improvements and multiplying your success.

3. Bring on the new “new”

There are a lot of conversations happening around the new “new” that is becoming the king of online – it’s context. It’s not new and great content, but greater and more valuable context that is important. Put your business story, your products and services in a more relevant context. Think about new channels, different ways of integrating your marketing efforts, think of fresh and genuine usage options for your product…

Don’t build your business just like it is important, make it so and help your customers make it a part of their lives. And we all shouldn’t forget – every online purchase ends in someone’s real life and has a real relevance to someone.

Your Magento store could give you excellent support to be of great online and real importance to your customers. So if you have an appetite for smarter, better, responsive and new, hire our consultants and Magento experts to help you out. Contact us to start planning…

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  1. Hi Sanja,

    thnx for your thoughts & thinking.

    I would love to read more about new trends & best practices that Magento store owner must consider in 2014.

    Hope you have some tips to share!

    Regards, Vladimir

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