What’s your Super Bowl game plan?

As Giants and Patriots get ready for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis this weekend, so do 100 million viewers in US alone. Many of them will show up not for the biggest single game in US sports, but another thing it represents – the advertising industry day of the year.

While Super Bowl clearly caters to the masses, are there similar events you can use to reach your specific target audiences? What is the Super Bowl of your niche market and how do you prepare for the game day?

On Super Bowl Sunday the biggest brands from auto, retail, insurance, film, food and beverages industries, with an occasional outsider joining this traditional roster, bring out the big guns – a 30 second slot during the game will cost them 3.5 million USD, so I imagine they would certainly hope to make the most of it.

Why Super Bowl?

It is a single day when big brands can reach tens of millions of viewers at once and drive them online to socialize and create a week- or month-long buzz by sharing and commenting on new creative accomplishments they were presented with.

And since Super Bowl is a family event, there will be many people watching the game who don’t really care who takes home the Lombardi trophy, and most certainly don’t know there’s even a left guard of Croatian descent playing for the NY Giants. They will gather to spend some quality family time together, and some will be there for the commercials alone.

For these viewers it will matter more to see if Hyundai creative team beats Kia than how many times Tom Brady gets sacked by the Giants’ defensive line.

This incredible audience reach plays a major role in brand awareness potential of the event, and is the sole reason why the biggest brands come back year after year.

It has even gone so far that it has become a must for certain brands to appear – not showing up on the ad roster could be perceived as the sign of a weakening brand – just ask Pepsi how many Super Bowls have they decided to skip recently.

So, what if you had this kind of opportunity for your business – to reach out to many members of your target audience at once and amaze them? Oh, wait – you probably do…

What is your niche market Super Bowl event and how do you prepare for it?

Brands that appear in Super Bowl ads mostly prepare stories that relate to the masses, and have huge budgets to work with.

However, every industry and each niche market you’re doing business in inevitably has a “Super Bowl” event of its own, it’s only a matter of recognizing it, scaling it and preparing for it adequately.

This can be a specific trade show, an awards ceremony, an arts festival – you name it – it’s only important that you define it as a time and place where you can reach your most precious audience members. And the beauty of it is that telling your story to your target audience won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Once you have that figured out – it’s your turn to prepare a game plan and rise to the occasion.

Of course, brand awareness isn’t something that can happen in a single day, and there’s very little you can do if you don’t have a great product or service to begin with, but let’s imagine you are really good at whatever you do on a daily basis.

In that case, a Super Bowl event for your niche market is where you get the chance to be at the top of your game in front of those that matter most to your business.

Your approach can be to prepare any number of things:

  • a customer-engaging campaign leading up to the main event
  • a fun, emotional or educational “hope-to-go-viral” video
  • a creative booth team with a stunning visual presentation of your product
  • a special once-in-a-lifetime offer to your customers
  • a fundraiser for an important cause
  • an unexpected celebrity endorsement

I’m sure you have more than enough good ideas on how to get your message across and raise awareness, but you should definitely strive to make an impact on your own Super Bowl – after all, it doesn’t come around that often.

I believe this goes without saying, but just in case – any action you decide to take should be highly leveraged by a wide array of social media channels at your disposal.

If you manage to shine when the stakes are high, your audience will start expecting your presence on such events, and that will be a sure sign of their good will and appreciation towards your hard work – once you achieve that, that’s where the fun actually starts as you’ve only just begun.

Imagine a Super Bowl without a commercial for Bud Light or Pepsi, or a Comic Con without a Marvel booth.

Better yet – imagine a Black Friday with everyone at Best Buy taking a day off or a Cyber Monday with Amazon offering no special deals.

You should aim to become someone without whom your Super Bowl just doesn’t feel the same.

Now, what are the Super Bowl events in your niche markets? Find them, prepare for them and make sure you’re at the top of your game when it matters most.

Magento Super Bowl

We as Magento developers have one such event coming up shortly – Imagine eCommerce Conference in Vegas (April 23-25) – a showcase of who’s who in Magento and X.commerce.

The organizers aren’t even trying to hide that with this event they are actually looking to become “the Super Bowl of eCommerce” as that’s the tagline they go by – so, there you go – if your business is evolving around Magento – that’s where you should be.

Can this conference live up to its expectations? We certainly hope so, and you’ll get the chance to meet some Inchooers there in April – Viva Las Vegas!

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