Inchoo Open Day – we’ve opened our doors to potential employees

The name of the event speaks for itself – we’ve held an Open Day. On June 4th, 120+ IT enthusiasts from Osijek gathered in our back yard to hear what our developers, designers, sales team and consultants do and what (and from where) to learn if you want to became a part of our team.

The whole idea behind Inchoo Open Day was to demystify eCommerce development and its processes to our local IT community and to direct/mentor those who want to be developers in that field. In order to gather knowledge and sources from which to learn frontend, backend, design and eCommerce optimisation (technical, SEO), we made a 115 pages pdf file containing URLs of websites, Twitter profiles, bloggers and other resources you should follow and, more importantly, work on some of your own projects to be able to proudly say one day – I’m a designer, developer, SEO expert (or all combined)!

Waiting in line to attend Inchoo Open Day

Waiting in line to attend Inchoo Open Day

We are planing to make an english language version of that presentation, this one was made for our local community.

How it all looked at Inchoo Open Day?

Tomislav Bilic (Inchoo founder and CEO) opened this 3-hour event with the short overview of Inchoo’s history and progress we made from 1 to 30+ employees in 5 years.

Aron Stanic, Chief Sales Officer, followed with sales and marketing processes that are mostly generated by our blog posts (we now have the total of 950 and counting)!

Blog posts generate visits on our website, which in turn generate leads and then deals. This is how our traffic overview looks like throughout 6 years of constant writing. We are now on 208,000+ monthly visits!

Inchoo page visits graph website monthly visits from 2008 to 2014

Afterwards, Toni Anicic described a day of a consultant that deals with SEO and eCommerce optimization for clients at Inchoo Consulting Group (ICG).

Before development part, our designers Marko Brisevac and Dino Balen lead us through design processes, from UX/UI sketching and low fidelity wireframes to final design and its implementation in the project. Marko and Dino shared their stories of “how they became designers” and got a lot of questions about it from the very much engaged audience.

Aron about sales processes

Aron about sales processes

After lunch brake and mingling among 120+ potential employees, we moved on with dev talks for which most of the visitors came for.

Our senior fronted developers Hrvoje Jurisic and Filip Svetlicic explained what a fronted developer does in eCommerce projects. For our curious visitors, Hrvoje and Filip shared sources to follow and learn from if they want to be a fronted developer, emphasising the role of the Responsive Web Design in modern web and presenting Git as an important tool in our development processes.

Cherry on top were our backend developers Ivan Weiler and Davor Simek. Davor spoke about his interesting path to backend development using plenty of real-life examples, such as jitters he got before his first talk with the client and sleepless nights spent on coding. He was very encouraging and reassuring to anyone interested in pursuing their development career showing them that the start is always difficult but that hard work definitely pays off. Ivan Weiler gave a quick introduction on PHP and Magento and ended the presentation on a high, motivational note: “Every professional developer started off as an amateur. You just need to make up your mind to start and be persistent.



Mentoring and internship of promising developers and designers

All of those presentations made an interesting mix in which everyone that came to Inchoo Open Day found something for themselves and stayed afterwards to chat some more about business profiles we are looking for and are trying to build with our local community presence and various workshops. As a direct result of this event, we agreed to take on some new interns and we are also in a process of mentoring a couple of promising developers and designers.

All in all we are very pleased with how Inchoo Oped Day went, especially with the high turnout by the members of our local IT community interested in what we do and how to become a part of our team.

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