Magento Imagine coming to Europe – Croatia to host the 2014 event


The decision has been made – Magento is finally moving its biggest ecommerce event to Europe – and Croatia will be the proud host of the 2014 Imagine eCommerce conference! And that’s not all – we’re giving away free conference packages for attending the next year’s event, so make sure to read on!



This was (and still is), as many of you guessed already, an April Fools’ Day joke – but we certainly wouldn’t mind if Magento did decide to bring you all to Croatia. Stay tuned for more news and make sure to drop by on next April 1st as well 🙂


As many of us are preparing for Vegas and this year’s biggest Magento event – Imagine eCommerce conference – one decison that’s been long in the making has finally been made public – Magento will finally bring the entire Imagine experience to Europe in 2014.

Why Croatia?

“I’m really excited to confirm that we have a venue for the first European Imagine event – it’s Croatia, a beautiful young Mediterranean country where we’ll all meet this time next year. We’re still deciding between Split and Dubrovnik as the main resort but both of these cities are breathtaking and this will bring the entire Imagine experience to a whole new level.” said a reliable source from Magento when asked about the decision.

You’ll hear more details about this in Vegas next week, but this is the official announcement which we at Inchoo, as Magento’s local organizing partner, had the pleasure to make, and we’re also here to offer some great incentives to anyone planning to attend.

This decision also follows nicely Croatia’s accession to the EU which is about to take place in July 2013, and we shouldn’t hide the fact that one of the biggest unofficial Magento blogs (hint – it’s this one) comes from this country.

On top of that, Inchoo as a Silver Solution Partner has established quite a rapport with the powers that be at Magento over the last several years, so when you take all of this into account, the pieces fall into place nicely.

The popular vote

Let’s see what some of the famous Magento ecosystem faces had to say when they heard of this decision:

“I’ve been to Croatia many times and I just love the weather, the people and the cuisine – so it’s great that many of my dear friends will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand – love this decision – we’ll start the preparations in Vegas – Croatia, here we come!”
– a famous freelance Magento coder

“Well, truth be told, I’m already a bit tired of the desert and all the pools – I’d love to take a dip in the real sea, so I’m all for it! I heard you guys have some top notch beaches, hope we’ll have a couple of breakout sessions right there on the beach – now, that would be something!”
– a well-known Community Manager in the Magento world

“Croatia? Where in the world is that? Come on, guys – I was kind of ok with the whole concept of Europe, but this? There’s only 4,5 million of them? Let’s get serious, people…”
– anonymous (we know this guy, just don’t want him to become a target of angry Croatian football fans)

Croatia likes to boast with its natural beauty to a large extent still untouched by the negative impacts of the mass tourism seen in many other Mediterranean countries, so one of the taglines of its Tourist Board is “Mediterranean as it once was” – and you’ll see it really is – even if you don’t have any idea or care for that matter what this “Mediterranean” is or what it looked like before 🙂

Here’s also a quick welcome message from our CEO:

“This is truly great news. We have been thinking of organizing Meet Magento initially, but when this opportunity presented itself, we were more than thrilled to reach out to Magento and make sure they had the needed confidence and trust that there’s a strong local partner here who can support the entire process and make things happen. We look forward to working with everyone on organizing this event and are excited to welcome you all in Croatia!”
– Tomislav Bilic (Inchoo)

Free conference packages giveaway

And to make things more interesting, Magento has decided to offer us, as their conference organizing partner, the opportunity to not only present this as breaking news, but also to give out 10 (yes, ten) free packages to attend Imagine eCommerce 2014.

The full Croatian experience package includes:

• the conference registration fee
• accommodation at the venue, and – wait for it…
• covered travel costs from anywhere within Europe!!!

So, if you’re traveling from the Americas, Australia, Africa or Asia – you only need to get to London, Paris, Berlin or any other major European city and we’ll take care of the costs from there.

All you have to do to qualify is to leave a comment below with one fun fact about Croatia or your favorite Croatian person (athlete, scientist, musician, writer, businessman, or even politician – ok, don’t go quite there) and we’ll make sure to contact you with details on the next steps to receive the package.

First three people who reach out to us will also get a complimentary surprise welcome package courtesy of Inchoo.

Let the hunt for Croatia begin – leave your comments below and see you here this time next year, the conference starts on April 1st 2014 so mark your calendars!

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  1. Thank you all for your comments.

    While this was in fact an April Fools’ Day joke, we will keep our end of the bargain – first three of you who shared the fun fact about Croatia or a Croatian will indeed receive a surprise gift from Inchoo.

    These people are: David Cartwright, Dhara and Marcus – guys, we’ll be getting in touch with you directly this week so we can send you your gifts.

    And for the rest of you – thanks for learning a thing or two about Croatia and sharing your findings – hope to see you here in the near future!!!

  2. Wow I was only a child when I last went to Split & Dubrovnik looking forward to going back.

    My interesting fact is a drink I had in Split when I was a child was called a Mish Mash (I think) where they split the drink in 2 in the same glass – orange on the bottom and red on the top. It’s been a long time since I had one of those ;0)

    And Croatia is shaped like a croissant :0)


  3. If this is not an April Joke lot of Magento developers will start believe that Santa really exists! 🙂

  4. Very few of us know, but Albert Einstein was born in Osijek, Croatia, and it’s hard to believe, but Aron Stanic from Inchoo is actually his descent.

  5. Oh my god, I need to go out more, when i first look to this tittle, i understand Croissant, and i thought, hummm thats good, then i realize is Croatia, IT’s EVEN BETTER, hook me up to this event and i’ll bring with me some Croissants to Croatia 🙂

  6. Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia, in a village called Smiljan. He would be my favorite person. It is also rumored that some of the stones that are used in “The White House” came from Bra?.

  7. Sounds great, I’m sure we will go to Imagine there with our Rocket Bus.

    The fun about Croatia is that people there distils plum with a lot of herbs to make very strong plum brandy called Slivovitz 🙂

  8. My favorite croatian person is Dražen Petrovic! One of the best basketball players in the history!

  9. The most successful skier in the history of winter Olympic games is the Croatian skier Janica Kosteli? and that Croatia is a country without skiing tradition? She won 4 Olympic golden and 2 silver medals.

  10. My favorite Croatian person, if that counts, is Nikola, Croatia-born singer of the metal band Skum ( – maybe not yet internationally known but they’d deserve it!

    Fun fact: they played a private gig for my birthday in front of like 30 people. Nikola sings in three languages, German, English and Croatian but almost nobody recognized that because, well, death metal vocals are hard to understand.

  11. Here’s something I didn’t know about Croatia but now I do and would like to share:
    The city of Zadar is home to the world’s first Sea Organ that creates its music only by the action of the wind and waves.
    Pretty amazing. I’d love to listen to it in real some day. It’s great to hear that Magento decided with Croatia. It’s gonna be a great event there.

  12. Looking forward to Magento Imagine coming to Europe.
    Thank goodness it is not coming to the Cold & Wet UK

    How about this for an interesting Croatian Fact.
    The necktie descended from distinctive scarves worn by a group of Croatian mercenaries (as part of their standard uniform) serving in France in the 17th century.

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