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It’s been a year now since I have started working at Inchoo HQ. Since that time, I have received a number of questions and comments about how working here looks like and what my job position includes. In this article, I will provide you with a brief overview of my first year being an Inchooer.

1. A call from the above

I’m still a student at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, studying Business Informatics at Faculty of Economics in Osijek, so the start of my work at Inchoo is actually a very interesting testimonial. One day I received an e-mail from my current boss Aron Stanic, who invited me to start an internship at Inchoo. They have chosen me because of a number of my activities and also online presence due to a variety of projects on which I was involved. I was very surprised and honored to be given an opportunity to gain some (more) working experience, so after our first meeting at Inchoo, I started working there. I didn’t even apply for the job and didn’t expect to be given a chance to stick there even for a longer period of time. I knew about Inchoo before, but my first close contact with them already showed how their way of working is not typical at all.

2. Accept Sales providence

After the first month of my work as a Sales Assistant (internship), they offered me to continue working. It wasn’t that easy decision to be made because of my other activities and the fact that I was a full-time student first of all, but Inchoo was very receptive and respectful, so that I can manage my working schedule according to my classes. Work at Inchoo is very dynamic and there were a lot of changes in our industry and also in our company since I came. It is challenging to track all this, and it is a double challenge to manage all my other student activities with my job. But with right team support, it all comes into place.

Working as a Sales Assistant means I communicate with people all over the world, analyse their requirements (with other members of our teams) trying to find the best solution for their needs, answer to their inquiries and help preparing project paperwork. Sales process at Inchoo is very much different than the usual selling – people/clients come to us, and we are doing our best to be the solution to their problems/ideas/projects, but we are always open to suggest other options for them if we are not the best fit. I also handle our Referral Network communication, sometimes I write blog posts and also have other regular Sales tasks. I was also involved around Osijek Software City project at its early stages.

It’s interesting and very much helpful to be involved in real business processes, while studying about them. Inchoo is very respected as a company in our area and also in Magento world, so the whole experience of working for Inchoo definitely gives much more than just providing regular allowance.

3. Sales prospects

Would you like to stay there after you finish your studies? What do you expect? How is working at Inchoo like? These are just a few questions I regularly encounter. Inchoo is a great working environment, but of course, you can’t safely tell what future will bring for business or for you personally. There were a lot of changes at Inchoo since I became one of the Inchooers, so I am looking forward to see how things will develop. I’m very thankful for what is currently going on, and all I have learned. And to name just a few of all the great lessons…

  • Practice and theory can be very much connected – but you are the one to make connections.
  • Healthy working environment can occur and remain also in a region which is not that entrepreneurial friendly – hard working and value creation always pays off, and if you stay persistent enough, you will have significant inspirational impact on others.
  • Approach things integrally and respectfully – all effort and hard work you have ever made will not only help you professionally, but it can even more help you to grow as a person.
  • The hardest and most important part of every job are people. It’s all about them – your colleagues, clients, potential customers, partners, followers, blog readers… – you don’t work to get your job done, you work for and because of people.
  • If you don’t work focused on your own comfort and benefit, and not expecting rewards for every honest step you make, you will be rewarded much more than you can expect and also have better business and personal satisfaction.

I look forward to receiving and answering your inquiries and I very much look forward to more Inchoo months ahead.

Thanks and best regards 🙂

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