Life at Inchoo

What’s up with web developers and coffee?

If you are a web developer or have had an honor to work with one of these creatures, you probably noticed their strange addiction to coffee. Developers surrounding me start their day by drinking the morning coffee before the working hours start, then, at the beginning of their working day they make one in the office. They drink numerous cups of coffee during the working day, and when they go out for a break they order… guess what… coffee.

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Playing Real Time Strategy vs. Running an Online Store

You know those games when you start with something small and then you conquer the world? You begin with some small HQ and a harvester. Collecting resources and constructing some production buildings become first objective. Suddenly, while you watch your harvester how slowly gathers spice, an enemy shows up. The game gets a new dimension. You have to fight with a competition.

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We have a new design

Bye bye old site! Today we launched a new design where we wanted to make the text more readable, interesting and also we wanted to invite you, our dear visitors to contact us if you need some help with your projects.  We do hope you will like the new design as much as we do.  Inchoo has over 21.000 monthly visitors according to Google Analytics and a 15-30% monthly growth. We hope this trend will continue in the future and that you will keep coming back.

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