Life at Inchoo

Meet our city! Meet Osijek!

The city describes itself. We would like to show you an autobiography of our town of Osijek in Croatia that lives by its own rhythm. According to author, here we live in a different, separate time dimension and our own perception of the civilizational happenings within the city. This video is 100% made out of images. There is not a single “live” video shot in it. One of the national most famous studios, Romulic & Stojcic team took over 90,000 photographs during several weeks of filming.

In case you choose to work with us some time, we hope you will come for a visit and enjoy your time here. 🙂

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Report from Magento Developers Paradise @ Ibiza

As is mentioned earlier at one of the posts, Tomas, Ivica and me were “the chosen ones” to go to Magento developers paradise conference at Ibiza. So how was it? In one word – incredible. It was paradise in its true meaning.

Some of the members traveled by plane for the very first time so it was interesting to watch their facial expressions during the takeoff. We met lots of great people, including Tsvetan Stoyhev, Thomas Slade from Blue Acorn, Myuselim Myuselimov, Josh from WebShopApps, guys from Magento core team and many others.

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Linking practice to theory

People say that practice without theory is empty, and theory without practice is blind. Yet another example of making links between theory and practice was Tomislav’s lecture about developing a successful IT company on a bedrock of blog writing and personal employee branding. It was a real eye-opener to many first-year master’s degree students at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek. In the classroom with almost hundred students and no empty seats, Tomislav talked about key factors and decisions that took Inchoo from a one-man show to a fast-growing company with world-recognized expertise in Magento consulting, design and development.

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New Design

Hi Everyone. Since I started working at Inchoo – in fact since my interview, Tomislav (our CEO) has been talking about the revamping of In Brazil we have a popular saying: “In a blacksmith’s house, the skewer is made of wood”, which can be applied to almost all types of businesses. You know the drill, unless something is really hurting, we keep our non-billable projects on the back-burner and keep the focus on our clients and opportunities for new projects. Thankfully, we found a gap in between projects and I was the designer responsible.

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1st Inchoo Learning Day

Check our images on FlickrWe’re hoping to start a new tradition with the event we organized today. 1st Inchoo Learning Day took place in Zlatna Greda, Croatia where the group of geeks (Inchooers) gathered to discuss and learn about programming best practices. The idea is simple. We will take one Friday every two months to go somewhere in the nature and spend a day working on education and knowledge sharing.

We knew it will be a fun event, but we weren’t sure if it will be as useful as we hoped. Now, few days after, things are clear. It was a great thing to have a day like this where developers will move away from computers and share knowledge between each other.

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Croatia on my mind

It took me 19 hours to come to Osijek from Kazan, my hometown – 2 trains, one plane, one bus ride, couple of metro stations in Moscow and I was finally here! I arrived one Wednesday and was lucky to catch last days of the Summer on the local Copacabana beach, before I started my work here in Inchoo.

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Surgeworks World

Little less than 3 months ago Toni introduced Kamila Fatkullina who joined us temporary for her traineeship. Those of you who tried to contact us during this period might have had a chance to meet her. In such case, you might have experienced similar conversation. 😉 We would also like to use this opportunity to thank AIESEC Osijek, international student exchange organization for organizing this internship.

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