Life at Inchoo

Is it time for the 1st Croatian eCommerce client?

As some of you may know, our team is located in lovely small country called Croatia (it is in Europe). Our mission is to create a microbrand for  eCommerce development services. Since we were using Magento as a platform of choice, we ended up creating a microbrand for a Magento development services. On the long run, our goal is to be recognized in eCommerce community and not just Magento’s. There is a long way to go to achieve this, but here we are: working in the international world, with clients all over the globe. From US ones, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong. Only one Croatian client hired us for iPhone development services. Is it time for first Croatian eCommerce client?

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Ultimate PWNAGE in Wii games

Tomas Novoselic, our magento developer is having a birthday so we decided to play some Wii games. I recorded the event for your pleasure. Not only that we pwn in Magento development but we also pwn in looking funny while playing Wii.

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Ask a developer #2 – What do you do for fun?

This is the second post in our #askadeveloper YouTube video series where we answer the question from the title. We don’t have much fun over here right now but we intend to change that. Although the primary use for the TV in this video is for education, we wanna know which console do you think we should get and why?

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Will you be our Facebook fan?

Do you use Facebook? If you do, we invite you to visit our newly created Facebook Page With the goal to gather the people who are interested in eCommerce or iPhone development, we created this one. Even in case you are not interested in these topics, you might be interested to know what is happening in our team. The goal of the page is to create a mini community of the people with similar interest. In case you are one of them, click on “BECOME A FAN” button and you’ll start following us.

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Hrvoje Jurisic joins Inchoo

We have a new hire. Hrvoje Jurisic joined our team and is starting to meet the guys. He is a web and graphic designer from Vinkovci, Croatia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science. With over six years of experience in design business, working as a print design professional in “C&D design” , Vinkovci and as a freelance web designer, he always strived to create functional design and web standards compliant web sites. Over the last few weeks he started with extensive Magento learning where he will play important role as a frontend developer in our team.

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Selling web development service?

Isn’t it easy to sell hamburgers, dishes, glasses? Of course, there are good and bad practices everywhere, but you must admit that selling a web development services is kind of unique. Take a look at this video to get a feeling how negotiations look like sometimes in our business. Hope you enjoy. 😉

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What’s up with web developers and coffee?

If you are a web developer or have had an honor to work with one of these creatures, you probably noticed their strange addiction to coffee. Developers surrounding me start their day by drinking the morning coffee before the working hours start, then, at the beginning of their working day they make one in the office. They drink numerous cups of coffee during the working day, and when they go out for a break they order… guess what… coffee.

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Playing Real Time Strategy vs. Running an Online Store

You know those games when you start with something small and then you conquer the world? You begin with some small HQ and a harvester. Collecting resources and constructing some production buildings become first objective. Suddenly, while you watch your harvester how slowly gathers spice, an enemy shows up. The game gets a new dimension. You have to fight with a competition.

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We have a new design

Bye bye old site! Today we launched a new design where we wanted to make the text more readable, interesting and also we wanted to invite you, our dear visitors to contact us if you need some help with your projects.  We do hope you will like the new design as much as we do.  Inchoo has over 21.000 monthly visitors according to Google Analytics and a 15-30% monthly growth. We hope this trend will continue in the future and that you will keep coming back.

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IE6 update: A hat trick.

The guys from “Done21” presented an ingenious way of “upgrading” your visitor’s IE 6 to IE 8.

This much needed change for everyone is available at their site as an add-on for the web page using some jQuery magic and obvious good style copying of that infamous IE yellow-bar.

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Toni Anicic on Vidi Web Top 100 Awards

Toni Anicic, our online marketing specialist has a personal blog (in Croatian) where he posts about various topics related to Internet marketing, blogging, Croatian portals, and events. We are proud to say that his blog won the Vidi Web Top 100 award in the Blogs category a few days ago.

The award recognizes his blog as one of the Top 10 in Croatia.

Congratulations, Toni!

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