Stable business means change

Stable business means change

Inchoo is a company that operates with stability, one can say. It grows year after year by the number of employees, value of projects, annual income and many other components. From outside it looks like everything is set up, and business just grows by itself. Well…

Not everything is how it looks

Well, it’s not exactly like that. What looks like a quiet and steady conduct of a business for somebody looking from the outside, it’s quite different from the inside! If you want things to run smoothly, you have to constantly monitor, review and, if needed, improve every business process, from ones in office management to those in project management. Company’s management and team leaders are in charge of that, but other employees might also contribute to making processes better and more efficient. It’s vibrant and exciting!

Of course, not every change is good. You often have to choose between keeping on working with a decent tool or moving to a cool new one, and decide to stay with the old one if it’s too much effort and not so much gain from switching tools. Changes cost time, money or both. Be sure you really need that change before you go for it.

Also, you have to think about company values. Improvements and changes shouldn’t interfere with your company character and attitude! Your company’s values tell who you are (or want to be), so you have to be careful not to endanger or lose them.

Small, medium, big

When the company is small, you don’t have to set a strict hierarchy, middle management or communication processes. You can change things faster, decide and implement something on the fly, share it with a few colleagues of yours while you drink together your morning coffee and move on.

When your company grows, with time it becomes a little bit more difficult (you have to write your infos on some notice boards or send it via e-mail, Slack or some other communication channel), but it’s still not a big problem to change some business processes.

Then your company grows even more. Now you need company policies and routine. You have to be aware of many elements, predict potential problems and prevent or solve them quickly. You don’t want a minor issue to become a bigger one!

War never changes, but running business does. 😉

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