The Geek Gathering in Osijek – truly becoming a software city

The Geek Gathering Conference should change it’s name to Geek Paradise Conference! Why? Let’s explain. 🙂

Croatian city of Osijek was filled with geeks from our region during the weekend of October 11th-13th. They came to listen to top IT experts talk about Javascript, HTML5, CSS, SQL, noSQL, Big Data, Cloud cross-platform mobile tools and many more hot web and mobile topics. 15 lectures and 6 workshops kept IT enthusiasts busy with interesting and advanced content for the entire weekend.


Ruth Suehle – Raspberry Pi (photo by Osijek031)

Ruth Suehle from and Red Hat talked about how to get started with Raspberry Pi and its creative applications, and her colleague from Red Hat and Fedora Project, Tom “Spot” Callaway, advised how to avoid failure as an open-source programmer. Martin Naumann warned that user experience should also be responsive in Responsive Design, Tom Buchok walked us trough Node.js and Alexander Chatterjee from EEAS held a lecture entitled Mobile and Enterprise: The good, the bad, the ugly. Not to mention all speakers and themes, here is the schedule, read it and weep.

So, why is this different from other conferences?

Attractive speakers and themes, every conference can have. But, what made this one different is the whole story behind it. Osijek is a town in Croatia that is in Slavonia region. Plains wherever you look. People are friendly and love to celebrate things with local cuisine and homemade alcohol drinks like wine and rakia (something like brandy, but better and stronger).


Free bikes, brochure and stew (photo by Osijek031)

We already wrote about Osijek Software City initiative, where local IT companies (Inchoo too) joined in to build a strong software development community. The companies in Osijek Software City operate on international markets and receive prizes, recognitions and support all over the world, and the goal of the initiative is to send a message to youngsters and attract them to the careers in software development. With that in mind, it was time to make Osijek recognized as a center of strong development community with quality IT events and conferences, where all the geeks are welcome.

photo (31)

Our CEO Tomislav Bilic driving Formula 1 simulator

As we explained the background, here is the real thing. Besides lectures, there were various activities that this conference brought. Lovely organizers were there to rent a bike and give a city tour to newcomers (with Osijek’s great history, there was a lot to see) or to show the way to the RETRO GAMING ROOM. That’s right, games that you’ve played like a kid. In a room that had Pacman and Space Invaders on the wall, geeks could drink beer and play everything from Nintendo and Super Mario to Formula simulator and Star Wars pinball.  Afterwards they could enjoy our local cuisine eating fish or shepherd’s stew. We Croatians love to make our guests feel welcome. Did we mention the punk-rock concert for the visitors? No? Well, there was a famous Croatian group that entertained The Geek Gathering guests Saturday night. Needless to say, we knew all the lyrics and sang along.


Punk – rock concert for the geeks (photo by Osijek031)

Sounds great! When is the next conference?

This was the first Geek Gathering and more than 300 geeks enjoyed themselves in Osijek, city of great software. We hope that this will become the tradition and a great way to gather up great minds and create a conference spirit that Osijek was missing. Preparation for the next year are already in progress and there is nothing more to say then: Geeks, come and enjoy yourselves!

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