Magento Enterprise – Discount for specific Customer segments group


In previous post we create Customer group based on company emails. Now when we have few customers registered with company emails we will create campaign and give them 50% discount for purchasing Laptops.

In Magento admin area open  Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules

Now we will create a new rule

Fill up information regarding new rule

Using conditions we will use our previously created Customer Segment “Company Discount”

Under Action we will give 50% of discount on product price from Category “Laptops”

Now we will go to store and login using Company email.

Browse Category “Laptops” and choose one of the products, in my case it will be Apple MacBook Pro, normal price is displayed, continue to checkout.

And now we have finally applied our Company discount 50% off

This is only example you can create may other rules based on Customer Segments under Shopping Cart Price Rules, discount, free shipping, add reward points, etc.

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  1. if customer added product in shopping cart but not purchase the product ,then customer will receive email after 24 hours that you forgot to purchase the product .
    In my case customer not receiving any mail from my side even though in matched customer , i m getting its email address.
    waiting for your response….
    Thanks In advanced

  2. I am trying to fix a price group error in magento 1.8 version.Thanks for this article, i hope its going to help me fix this issue.

  3. I want to do catalog pricing rules based on customer segment (not customer group). Do you know of a good solution to this?

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