Bulk disable multiple Magento products

With all its ORM, model, resource and so on greatness, sometimes platform limitations are too obvious in Magento when it comes to large number of products in store. Recently I faced a simple task, I needed to disable around 6500 products in Magento that were assigned to a single category called “Inactive Products”. Given that it was an import from old system to Magento it is irrelevant why one would use category “Inactive Products” instead of just setting their status to “disabled”. My point is, whats the fastest way to do a bulk action on large number of products.

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Invoice printing to PDF taking to long in Magento?

Recently I was assigned a task to check the slowness of PDF printing on invoice page of Magento admin. It took him around 5minutes to print PDF (return PDF document on Invoice page). After diving into the code trying to trace the issue I found what was the cause of slow printing. PDF document that gets created has the ability to include the logo in header.

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How to make TinyMCE work with Magento CMS pages

Latest version of Magento, as of time of this writing, is Latest, as well as previous versions come with “half-packed” support for TinyMCE editor. There are however few bugs and few steps that need to be handled in order to enable wysiwyg editing in CMS pages. Personally I am not that big of a fan of wysiwyg editors, mostly because I am developer and like to know what I write down.

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Getting started with building Admin module in Magento

Due to the “complexity” of Magento’s xml files, developers can waste great amount of time on “unnecessary” things.
When I say “complexity” I say it with purpose. XML files are not so complex by them selves, but due to extreme lack of documentation and changes Magento pumps in every new “major” release, people are lost among things that should really be sideways. Anyway, in this little article I will show you how to create basic, startup structure for your module to get it shown under Magento Admin main top menu.

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Access denied in Magento admin

Some of you may encountered this problem. You install new Magento extension through downloader, try to access its configuration settings and Magento throws “Access denied” page at you. Although you’re administrator of the system.

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Custom admin theme in Magento

As mentioned on Magento forums the easiest way to achieve this is with overriding adminhtml config with your local custom one and activate it as module.

This is just a small example of different approach with Admin Theme config option in admin panel, to show you how things can be done in different ways in Magento.

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