Custom admin theme in Magento

Custom admin theme in Magento

As mentioned on Magento forums the easiest way to achieve this is with overriding adminhtml config with your local custom one and activate it as module.

This is just a small example of different approach with Admin Theme config option in admin panel, to show you how things can be done in different ways in Magento.

Since this is one of those “code talks, talk walks” examples, here it is: admintheme_example.rar.

It’s great example of small Magento module with simple event hooking and adding configuration fields through system.xml.

Follow directory structure, copy files to their place and you will notice new “Admin Theme” option in System->Configuration->General->Design (Default Config scope). Your theme goes in app/design/adminhtml/default/yourthemename folder. It doesn’t need to be whole theme of course, just the files you’re changing.


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  1. Hello, it doesnt work form me on Magento 1.9, i can see the option to change the admin name, but my changes on custom theme doesnt show up…any help?

  2. Magento is the crapiest system. It shouldn’t be open source because i don’t think it was built to be community driven. The lack of documentation just shows how much they care about other people using their system or they probably are worried that people will find out how shitty their system is.

  3. Hi,

    Awesome post except I can’t get it to work :p
    I downloaded your plugin and installed it.
    All seems to work (the observer doesn set the them right) but my files in my custom theme are not took in account. 🙁

  4. I want to say this concept works like charm. I was only creating folder inside defult but it was not working. Event observer has solved the issue.

    Thanks Ivan

  5. Yep great thanks for the information, really easy to install and now we can get cracking with changing our admin theme.. 🙂

  6. Great extension, but its not working properly on:
    mag v1.6
    I found that it makes the cache management page a blank one.

    Any one knows how to fix it?

  7. It’s a nice little module, but I’m a bit puzzled about one thing…


    Why are you defining a controller class into the models section? Just some wrong naming?

  8. inchoo admin theme extension seems to be conflicted with “the Find Feed” in new feature of Magento v1.4.2

    I”m using now in my own theme(using the “inchoo admin theme” extension)

    “the find feed” is also using its own admin theme setting called feed in config.xml

    so when the find feed menu, only shown it up the blank screen.

    any solution ?

  9. Hi ivan,

    i am getting this Fatal error: Call to a member function post() on a non-object resource model file,when i submit user email..this is my resource model function..and i am getting error on line 3 post($email)…error i wrote above..can u please help me…

    public function getData()


    $result=$write->query(“INSERT into {$tablename} values(‘$data’)”);


  10. It works well for all the admin except the login page.
    Is there a way to include a custom css file in the admin login page?


  11. Hi,

    there is no SECTION like “Where did you heared about us” in the OrderDetails (backend/admin)

    Any ideas?


  12. Followed the written instructions and installed fine. Really helpful since I’m using the Customer Order Comment extension by Biebersdorf.

    Just be sure you’re adding your files to LOCAL not COMMUNITY.

  13. David,

    What if I don’t want to override my default admin style, is there a way I can add a new folder in the skin directory to pick up my new styling? Thanks!

  14. code got stripped—

  15. Have this working with Magento

    Don’t forget you’ll need to create a file to enable the module /app/etc/modules/Inchoo_Admintheme.xml

  16. Oh~~~~no~~~~~
    my Magento Admin Pannel is downed…..
    upload the files and refresh of cache management ………….
    it is admin down!!!!!!!
    my magento version
    How are you going to?

  17. I ran into problems with version and your extension.

    Configured the package / theme in app/etc/local.xml using:



  18. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but on Mage 1.3 when I click “save” to save my new Admin template in the Config, it throws the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function setActive() on a non-object in /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Controller/Action.php on line 76

  19. Excellent add-on.
    Everytime that I need to change the default admin theme, I just touch the originals (I know, bad practice) and think that I need to develop something like this.

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