Goodbye Mallorca, time to get back to work

Well, all good things come to an end. We had some great time here on Mallorca, attending Magento Developers Paradise conference. It was really nice meeting all those people and hearing their Magento stories.

Most of the presentations were pretty interesting. I cannot speak for mine 🙂 -While at it, here is a link to my Clone Yourself presentation if some of you find it interesting.

Seems like interesting things are coming in Magento 2.0, so fasten your seat belts :).

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  1. Interested on “Clone Yourself” Did open the presentation.. I made the right choice! Interesting one! Many shares at least a tiny part of John’s story ( Count me in! ). But needn’t end as John! Great Work! All the best!

  2. Hi Branko,
    are you planning to write about the plans for CE 1.5 and 2.0? The tweets all around sound really promising, but I didn’t manage to find a comprehensive blog post yet. Did you guys have to sign a NDA or something? 😉

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