Inchoo Developers module v1.0.1

When you read the title of this article you will probably think that this module has all that you need for the development stage of your magento project. Once again, you are wrong.

I was thinking of somenthing that can be useful to me and speed up some common actions in development stage and I think that this module can be helpful, especially for those who works on “live” server and need to test some new features they have developed.

Module is actually a switch between two admin controllers and you can use it quickly and easily by selecting action from dropdown menu “Production mode” and “Development mode”.

Magento development/production mode features:
– Enables/disables Secret Key to URLs in admin area
– Change admin startup page from Dashboard to System => Configuration (and vice versa)
– Enables/disables charts in admin area
– Merges on/off java script settings
– Merges on/off css settings
– Enables/disables demo store notification and replaces message with development mode message

Structure of the module:

As you can see from config.xml file,
module also have features like custom admin theme, custom translation files and layout updates:


< ?xml version="1.0"?>




I am developing a small product and main feature is Notification. So to start found ready code to integrate with GCM and its working fine but want to send to notify all Registered Ids one by one record and also other module to send in Bulk.

Above feature want to add in Magento Admin panel as Module.

Please help to here as I am not a pure coder so getting many difficulties to complete it.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

  • there is conflict with the magento thefind extension.if you installed the inchoo develope you cannt see the thefind content

  • Any chance of making this a git repo so we can all hack on it? I’ve been planning on doing something like this myself … Wanted to include FirePHP being enabled, change PayPal API settings to sandbox mode, etc. Love to help with it.

  • Good to see more tools that help with magento development. You can also use MageTool to do all of these, and more, from the command line, e.g.

    Enables/disables Secret Key to URLs in admin area

    zf set mage-core-config admin/security/use_form_key --value=0 --scope=default

    Enables/disables charts in admin area

    zf set mage-core-config admin/dashboard/enable_charts --value=0 --scope=default

    Clear cache:

    zf clear mage-core-cache
  • @Alan

    Thanks for the reply,
    but the module is it’s firts version and I also announced new features which need to be implemented. For some time I plan to upgrade it with mentioned features which need testing also.
    Once we feel that the module will contribute to the community with full set of features it will definitely go to Connect.
    All suggestions and critics are welcome.

  • As usual this is great module.
    Always waiting for next post in inchoo.
    This may be useful to see structure for how to create admin module in magento.

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