It’s Fresh! It’s Purple! Check it out!

Whether you know them as jewellery or jewelry, these shiny pieces of joy can really light up your and your loved one’s day. When you can also get them online and have fun in the process, what more could you ask for? Ok, maybe a discount code or two, but that can also be arranged… 🙂

Fresh Purple is a London based online jewellery store that combines the richness and luxury of tradition of the color purple with a contemporary, fresh elegance to bring some truly stunning products to their customers. In addition to selling beautiful items, they strive to educate their customers on all things jewellery. On their website you can find some great information on various types of gemstones, learn how to tell fake silver/gold from the real deal, easily determine your ring size and get some good tips on how to take proper care of your shiny friends.

We’ve recently worked with Michael Yoong and Monica Zhu to help them freshen up their Magento online storefront. They have prepared the new design files, and our developers Branko Ajzele and Filip Svetlicic did a great job guiding the clients in the process and implementing their ideas in line with the best Magento practice. Much of the credit for successful implementation of this project is due to our clients as well who were well prepared, had clear set of requirements, new exactly what they wanted to achieve, and were very receptive to our developers’ advice.

Working with Fresh Purple was a great experience and we can wholeheartedly recommend doing business with them to anyone. Make sure to check the new site at

“Having set up a basic Magento store with a local developer in order to get a feel for the system, we were looking for someone to help us produce a professional redesign of our website. We were very impressed by the wealth of Magento knowledge and expertise that Surgeworks/Inchoo had published on their blog and so contacted them for a quote. From then on, it was smooth sailing all the way.

Communication with the developers was great and they were a real pleasure to work with, implementing everything from our design without complaints or any seeming difficulty. They were ready with advice to improve our initial design and very helpful with providing suggestions, tips and tricks to make running the store as smooth and trouble-free as possible after their work was done.

We couldn’t have found a better group of Magento professionals to work with and we will certainly use them again for any further work we need. ”

Michael Yoong, Director, Fresh Purple Jewellery

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  1. I think the navigation can be improved, and css3’s shadow is making the site feels a bit heavy, if you know what I mean.

    They need a branding plan, instead of putting featured product on the home page..

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