Magento – Mini review and a “Thank you for the PayPal cleanup”

Finally Magento has been released. Its been “forever” since we got stuck with Magento Anyhow, its always nice to have updated, bug fixed, and a bit improved version of your software. Especially if it brings money to your table. Hope all of you site owners will enjoy this new release.

However, keep in mind that upgrade will not be painless. On contrary, I expect lot of issues with lot of custom extensions coded around the “Sales” functionality. Reason for this is the “Sales module database structure changed from EAV into flat tables”. Hopefully you, the site owner, can spare several hundred of dollars for the upgrade. So please, as I developer all I can say is be gentle on us if your site snaps during the upgrade process :).

Besides the obvious (read usual) bug fixes, there were several other under the hood changes and improvements such as updated version of TinyMCE, ability to exclude a category from navigation menu, ability to use static URLs for media in WYSIWYG or image browser and other neat stuff.

My favorite change is the one related to the PayPal section. Seems like finally someone decided to organize this stuff under one menu item, you know the one under System > Configuration > Sales > PayPal. Not much but it makes people like me happy.

My apologize if I left a bit sarcastic impression. Thats just me :), and my sincere need to express my self from time to time. Besides, speed aside is there any serious shop alternative when it comes to features for Magento?

Anyhow, thats about it. Please read the official Rlease Notes – Magento stable (June 10, 2010) for full info.

And happy upgrade to all you trying to stay up to date 🙂

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  1. @Garth – I think they listened to you, all following updates have been 90% bug fixes, still some to go but we are getting there, I have been now looking at 1.5 and that takes a whole new thread but a lot of the bugs I dealt with in the past have vanished.

  2. Well the fixed some bugs, but its still quite buggy. I’m hoping they plan to stabilize 1.4.x eventually…. but the way things have gone in the past, they will probably just move on to implementing more features.

  3. I’m having the same problem as Matt. I can’t seem to find out how to disable or enable any of the PayPal methods anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. Hey Guys,

    When I upgraded to recently I do see how they moved Paypal. However, now I don’t know how to enable/diasble it. In the past you would just choose yes or no.

    What do I need to do now to get Website Payments Pro, or any of the Paypal payments working?

  5. @rumblepup: I didn’t know about the forced upgrades, thanks for the heads up.. You can always use the pear utility via command line. E.g.:
    $ ./pear install magento-community/Cdb_DeveloperToolbar

  6. This upgrade has been a nightmare on my local dev machine, so I’m not going anywhere near my live store until Varien gets the typical upgrade bugs out. I’m still on until all the bugs have been worked out on this new version. And I still can’t believe that going to the Magento Connect Manager forces an upgrade. Luckily not from the 1.3 branch, but if you’re working on 1.4, there is no way to install extensions without upgrading the core. This is problematic to say the least.

  7. I would not recommend to anyone to use 1.4 in production yet. has some horrible performance for stores with large numbers of orders due to retarded queries in the new reporting aggregated tables. fixes those but has *lots* of very blatant bugs. Varien’s release quality for 1.4 series is *horrible*. Stick to 1.3.x until a 1.4 is released that doesn’t cause an outcry from the community. See the community forums to get the full details.

  8. Sue – I found a solution for this. Just remove the template/centinel folder, and then it works. Not sure if this messes-up anything else, but is a decent hack fix.

    I want a job as a Magento Tester, cause they obviously don’t have anyone!

  9. getting

    Card Verification
    Please verify the card with the issuer bank:”

    on any payment method too, check,, all 🙁

  10. Just tried to integrate Paypal Website Payments Standard after upgrading to and it dies at the order review stage.

    “Card Verification
    Please verify the card with the issuer bank:”

    Anyone have any ideas?

  11. @Michael
    I always perform full code review of a project before upgrading it to a newer Magento version. It helps a lot to get rid of stuck there.
    Customizations and themes are the hugest problem in every Magento project. Almost all of them were created without any thought about futher upgrade 🙂

  12. i finally discovered it was a sage pay extention i downloaded ages ago and never used! but then it made my who template go weird so now im trying to solve that! looks like i may have to switch back to 1.4.0! why is nothing ever simple!!!

  13. @ScreencastWorld
    I think they wouldn’t change everything to flat, but using of EAV for order entities actually doesn’t make sense.
    Also they created separation of grid representation and base storage of order entities, they don’t use JOINS on grid view in admin and the dashboard works pretty fast…

  14. thanks, got it working, well installed it but then had to delete the new layout.xml file and replace with an old one! just updated the new paypal settings done a test order and all seemed fine until it tried to redirect to paypal and i got: SELECT `e`.* FROM `sales_order_entity` AS `e` WHERE (e.entity_type_id = ’31’) AND (e.parent_id = ’14’)

    i have NO IDEA what this could be!

  15. thanks for your help, but i still have no idea!! i did back up everything first, then i downloaded i dont know how you apply the update or what a local version is! im sorry you must think im really thick!

  16. First of all backup your database and old version of store.
    Download the store to your computer and install it.
    Apply the update on the local version, test to be sure that everything works and only then you should upload files to the live store.

  17. hey guys wonder if you can help…. im a bit of a novice and i cant work how to upgrade, im on 1.4 at the moment. ive tried uploading the .zip file to cpanel then extracted the files and nothing happened, then i dumped all the files into filezilla but still nothing. i know it probably really simple, i just have no idea! your help will be appreciated

  18. Like you I was pleased to see the release as it fixes may of the niggly problems particularly the PayPal updates.

    The move from EAV to Flat Tables is interesting but not unique. Previous versions had flat tables for certain tables. It should certainly help with the performance side of things. I hope Magento doesn’t move away from the EAV Model, despite the performance implications. EAV is one of Magento’s key strengths and one of the reasons it’s such an extendable platform to work on.

  19. @Peter

    Thanks, I was aware of that, its just that I was more thrilled seeing everything organized on one menu item then with the rest 🙂 -Strangely but true 🙂

  20. @branko. The PayPal changes are not only moving around the menu – there are really big changes there – ability to checkout from product page, billing agreements (allowing for later super-fast checkout, supported also in the admin order creation tool), basic recurring payments with PayPal.

  21. I don’t have simple sales customization on one of my sites, but it was upgraded without any problems. I looked at the upgrade script in sales module. Magento just moving all old data from eav to flat structure. Also there is nice separation between stored data and admin grid data representation, they’ve improved the perfomance of admin grid and dashboard.
    Some tips for Magento Developers:
    – You cannot create custom attribute backend models for order entities anymore, all data processing should be done in events handling.
    – You’re still able to add new attributes to order entities, but all of them will be translated into flat structure. Look at the following examples:

    // Add new column to sales_flat_order with definition like decimal(12,4)  instead of adding it to eav structure
    $installer->addAttribute('order', 'my_custom_total_amount', array('type' => 'decimal')); 
    // It should be useful if you want to add new attribute that you want to show up in the admin grid
    $installer->addAttribute('order', 'my_custom_total_amount_in_grid', array('type' => 'decimal', 'grid' => true);

    – Remember: If your module adds new attribute to Order entities you should extend your setup model from Mage_Sales_Model_Mysql4_Setup, because there’s logic for pseudo eav attributes adding for orders.

    That’s all for now, will keep you updated if find something else.

  22. My opinion is that, for updates like this where something take a really big turn, the owner should not “upgrade” but start from scratch.

    This said, it involves something more so we can see old orders and should be a system that only keeps data to statistics, it does not update anything, just shows and counts it for stats.

    That would take the “upgrade” sales part a painless action and all we had to do is to import products and themes…

    Don’t you agree?

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