Access denied – Magento module error

I believe that most of you building custom Magento module came across this error “Access denied” when trying to view their module output in Magento administration. I just lost around an hour trying to find my way around this one. Note, this is far from my first Magento module, however it still got me thinking and sweeting. So I thought I’ll share the pain 🙂

Main issue (or super cool feature) with modules is that most of the config.xml errors die peacefully, meaning you see no meaningful error description on page. You either see stuff like “Access denied” or you see blank page or you see god know what.

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Internal Server Error 500 in Magento

Many of us who started experimenting with this interface and tried to place various values for Base URL, came to a dead end where Magento breaks.  Usually, we get Internal Server Error 500 with each page load. The problem lies in the fact that we can no longer open the Magento administration to correct the error. What needs to be done in such a scenario?

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