Ibiza anyone?

Ibiza anyone?

Once again, three Inchooers are impatiently awaiting September 24th when they will start the journey to this years Magento Developers Paradise that will take place in Ibiza, Spain. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow developers and participate in Developers Paradise Hack-a-thon.

This year, Inchoo’s representatives will be Ivan Galamboš who is looking forward for Magento Localization topics, Davor Budmicic, first frontend developer from Inchoo on MDP and Dejan Radic, Magento Certified Developer.

Inchooers who will attend MDP at Ibiza

This is a third time Inchoo is attending MDP. Branko Ajzele and I had some great time at Mallorca, attending one of previous paradises. It was really nice meeting all comrades and hearing their Magento stories. Branko was scheduled for a lecture Clone Yourself: How to Effectively Share Magento Knowledge with New Developers where he shared tips and tricks on the best ways of training new developers and preparing them for the adventure that is Magento.

Last year, MDP was also at Ibiza and Magento 2 was a hot topic. We did not have a speaker, but we sent more menpower: Ivan Weiler, Tomas Novoselic and Ivica Tadic. According to their words, they had incredible well deserved time. 🙂 Check out highlights from last year.

Note on October 2, 2012: Since the conference is over, Ivan Galambos wrote a report about it and uploaded some of the images. Check it out!

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Report from Magento Developers Paradise 2012 @ Ibiza

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Report from Magento Developers Paradise @ Ibiza

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  1. i need some help with creating shop online with Magento. i am half way through but still need some guidance. can anyone recommend someone who can give me privet lessons, helping me with my web???? i live near Malaga. thank you

  2. Hey Tomislav, it was great to meet you and Branko at the MDP conference in Mallorca. I wish I could make this years in Ibiza, but no – it’ll have to be next year.

  3. Thanks Tony 🙂 I’m working in a very good enterprise here in France, i’ve a lot of fun with my colleague and in france it seems to be very uncommon. i’ve my family, my friends, my girlfriend, i do a lot of sports here i have a very good life so for the moment moving is not an option but maybe in the future 🙂

    There’s a lot of time i follow inchoo now and one day i hope to meet you in real life 😉

    I’ve stayed 3months in front of Ibiza (Valencia, Spain) during my studies and it’s a very good place to go. your guys will have a lot fun and magento seems to have done everything for this event to be very very cool 🙂

  4. I love the picture you made for the post, the composition and colors are amazing, the sun and water really make you wanna go there… and those clouds in the sky, they are amazing! 🙂

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