Magento extension for KISSmetrics – Customer Intelligence Web Analytics

For those of you using web service for Customer Intelligence Web Analytics you might find Inchoo_KISSmetrics extension useful.

It support ecommerce tracking through events such as:

  • tracking of product view page with product details
  • tracking of catalog view page with category specific information
  • tracking of cart page
  • tracking of checkout page
  • tracking of individual checkout steps
  • tracking of order success page
  • tracking of customer logged in
  • tracking of customer register
  • tracking of contact page usage

Below is the screenshot of the configuration area.

Configuration - System - Magento Admin

And few screenshots of the requests that get made during the page load.

2013-09-13 12_58_55-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_58_46-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_58_29-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_58_17-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_58_06-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_57_56-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_57_43-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_57_31-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_57_11-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_59_25-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_59_11-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

2013-09-13 12_59_04-Charles 3.7 - Session 1 _

Please note that we do not offer any kind of support for the extension, you use it at your own risk.

You can download the extension here.

Hope someone finds it useful.

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  1. This tracks orders that are placed on our magento website. However, is there a way to track orders that are entered by a customer service person though the administrative tool (Backend)?

  2. I gave your extension a shot but the Admin > Configuration page went blank. This was after resetting permissions, emptying cache, etc… Removing the files then restored the Config page. Do you have any suggestions? I noticed that in the design directory, there are only Frontend files–no backend. Is this potentially an issue?

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