Magento extension – URL Rewrite Importer

Magento extension – URL Rewrite Importer

If you have done your share of Magento migrations, migrating existing client site to Magento, then surely you had a challenge with URL rewrites.

The idea is that once you move an existing site with its nasty URL structure to Magento, you would like to permanently redirect those URLs to Magento. Here is a little extension that might help you out, even though you still need to manually create a CSV file with URLs mapping.




You can download the extension here.

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    1. Ok , got it .. module xml file was wrong .. this is how it should be


    1. The URL Rewrite Importer accepts a CSV file with only 2 columns (no headers). The left column being the origin path, and in the right column being the destination path.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Any idea why Mime Type not allowed would be coming up when I try to import a file. Like Alan above, I’ve tried both saving through Excel and Open Office!.


  2. We are in the process of migrating our site and with over 6,000 URLs to transfer I can’t begin to thank you for the amount of work you have saved me! Thanks so much!

  3. Great extension; works straight out of the box in magento 1.8.1 ; remember to flush the cache after install

  4. If you have multi website setup this doesn’t work since in doesn’t select for which store redirect is for and thus doesn’t work unless you edit each imported redirect later and specify the store. But this a little defeats the purpose of having this extension…

  5. I keep getting “All 0 URL rewrites have been imported.” I have 321 in my CSV file and have attempted to save as windows CSV as well as a regular CSV from my mac. I have also edited in a text editor to ensure quotations are in for enclosures.

  6. ok, you have to clear the magento cache in the backend. Just clearing caches in “var” folder is not enough.

  7. I installed the extension, but no “Import URL Rewrites” button appears. I tried logging in & out a couple times, deleting my browser cache, double-checked to make sure all the files got uploaded, and tried Chrome/Firefox/IE…still won’t appear. Any thoughts?

  8. Just installed this extension, when uploading a CSV file I get “Mime type not supported”. Any explanation of what this means? I tried saving the CSV through both Excel and Open Office.

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