How to add custom product relations in Magento

Currently there are three types of product relations in Magento: Up-sells, Related Products, and Cross-sell Products. Recently while discussing client’s requirements, we’ve come to conclusion it would serve our purpose best to link products in the same way Magento does, and then use our own relations independently of Magento’s built in product relations. In this article I’ll show you how to add custom product relations as addition to existing Magento product relations.

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Remind customers to place their first order in Magento

Sometimes customers need a little encouragement to place their first order after creating an account. There are many reasons this is the case, for example customers may forget to bookmark your site, thus they might have difficulties finding your store second time around. In this article I’ll present one way of keeping an eye on your customers orders count and sending first order reminder emails, trough free Magento extension named Inchoo_OrderReminder.

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(Free) Gift Wrapping Service – Magento EE

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Maybe you’ve wondered how not to charge for the Gift Wrapping Services for customers that have more items in their cart. We’ve gotten a request where client wanted to provide free Gift Wrapping Services (Gift Card, Gift Wrap, Gift Message) for their customers with total basket value above a certain limit. If you are wondering how we did it, keep reading.

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Newsletter auto-subscribe on create account and place order in Magento

By default Magento provides a Newsletter feature, which enables store administrators to send newsletters to customers who have registered to receive them. Since most customers tend not to opt-in to any email subscription related services, you might need to automatically subscribe customers when they register or place an order. In this article I’ll present code and simple Magento extension to make it easier for you to accomplish this task.

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Automatic Cross Related Products – CSV Import

If you have configurable products that have been associated with simple products, you can assign configurable products to related products. You probably know how this task can be boring. To avoid that (in most cases) boring task, I created this module so you don’t need to lose lots of your precious time.

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Per product meta robots tag control in Magento

My first Magento related task here at Inchoo was to assist our client to gain control over his meta robots tag on per product basis. In this article I’ll present simple Magento extension designed to do just that. I’ll also show you how to create custom product attribute programmatically trough setup resource installer script and how to retrieve this attribute later on.

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Featured products 2.0 – revamped!

One of the most requested feature in Magento is the ability to show featured products on the frontend. The idea is to choose the products that should be featured and display them on the home page or in a separate interface. Previous version had a huge demand. It was downloaded over 28,000 times. We are now presenting an update: Featured Products 2.0.

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Create a Color Switcher in Magento

Magento comes packed with a lot of options. But, no matter how many options you put into some product, you can never cover all of them. One of such options (for now) is a color switcher in Magento. To be more precise, an image switcher based on color selection.

The idea is to have a dropdown box from which you choose a color, and, based on the color you selected, product image changes. This should be based on some simple JavaScript (in my case, jQuery).

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How to setup GIT for Magento extension development

The idea behind this article is to show how we can use GIT for Magento extension development. What we want to achieve is a git repository that contains only the files specific to our extension, and not the entire Magento. This kind of repository can then easily be pushed to GitHub or other remote public repository so that entire community benefits from your work.

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Super easy universal Magento cache extension

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Update: I added some cool new features like admin grid and cron job for deleting expired cache data. All the new features are labeled as “NEW!” in this post.

Inchoo Unicache is an extremely simple and useful little extension that you can use to cache any kind of text/string based data in Magento. It uses helpers to make it accessible anywhere: from template files to your own custom code.

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