Magento in fashion industry – video presentation

If you are considering creating a fashion store on Magento, already have one or if you are just interested in what it takes to develop a successful fashion e-commerce solution, then this video is for you.

Inchoo’s CEO Tomislav Bilic, held a lecture at Meet Magento Poland 2013, where he covered using Magento as a platform of choice for the fashion industry. Presented in the case study of Zee & Co, UK’s multi-brand designer store, Tomislav talks about world growth of apparel sales, design of fashion web store in general and why he recommends responsive design. He is also bringing latest statistics of mCommerce growth, answering why and how to engage customers during their purchasing experience, not just through web shop, but also through social media and offline actions. At the end, Tomislav is presenting a close look of Zee & Co’s revamp and summing up great results that came from it.

Enjoy the video, hope you’ll gain useful information!

If you are interested in creating or transferring your fashion store on Magento, feel free to get in touch with us.

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