There’s no “EMPTY CART” on Magento’s cart page

Or at least, hasn’t been there yet. Recently I had to do one too many cart tests, and one of most annoying things was when I had to empty it, As anyone – I had to click it one by one. Today I’m going to explain how can you avoid this by simply creating one simple extension, and enabling “Empty cart” link functionality.

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Magento PayPal Standard – How to pay with currency other than base one and do it in your language

Let’s assume that you have a task to implement multiple currency feature in some Magento based project.
What will happen if your client choses PayPal standard as payment method?!
Well, you might be a little dissapointed to see that there is no way to pay in chosen currency. 🙁
Magento tells you that order was placed using chosen currency, but is it true?

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How to modify existing extension without fear?

Today I’m going to give you an real life example on how to modify commercial extension in painless manner. If you know how to modify it – great, but is your approach best one? I’ve added functionality and modified behaviour of OSC’s OneStepCheckout extension without any fear of what will happen if client decides to upgrade it to newer version. And finally – here’s how!

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How to add an external javascript/css file to Magento?

© image by mauricesvay left @flickr

Have you ever had a need for adding external files into your Magento layout?
If you had then you know that you cannot do that from your xml layout files using methods/action:

<action method="addJs">
<action method="addCss">
<action method="addItem">

You could do that by hard-coding your “head.phtml” file, but then those external files will be loaded on all Magento pages.
This simple extension will provide you easy access for adding/removing external files such as JavaScript or CSS, libraries from remote servers which you cannot or don’t want to put on your server.
I called it Inchoo_Xternal extension.

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Magento and Google Adwords conversion tracking

If you use Google Adwords advertising for your Magento web store, you will probably need this module. This module will be very useful, because Magento doesn’t have functionality for tracking Adowrds conversion. Feel free to download module and use it on personal responsibility. I’m using this module on web store without any problems.

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Mountain Made Launched

We are very proud to announce that we were working on one great online store in the last couple of weeks. We wish you welcome to the web marketplace of West Virginia’s finest handmade art: Mountain Made. Its online gallery and storefront brings you the highest quality crafts and creations made in the Applachian tradition. You’ll find artists working in just about every medium imaginable, as well as musicians. Be sure to check out our courses and studios, too.

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How to use WordPress home page in Magento home page (CMS page)

Simple : ) -Ok, lets get down to business. This one is really, really simple, but powerful. In all it greatness Magento lacks the good content management solution (CMS features). Lot of people are heading down the road of integrating the WordPress and Magento. Probably everyone in web development has heard about WordPress. Personaly I like them, from Joomla, Drupal, WordPress…

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Drupal to Magento integration, simple link tweak with multilingual site

I see my coworker and friend Željko Prša made a nice little post on Adding a new language in Magento so I figure I’ll jump with a little Drupal to Magento integration trick concerning link issues and multilingual sites. Here is a piece of code you can use in your Drupal templates to do the proper switching from Drupal site to Magento while keeping the selected language of site. Note, this tweak assumes you have the desired language setup on both Drupal and Magento side.

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WordPress and Magento integration – One way to go

Lot of us in Magento related development have an issue of connecting their Magento with other CMS solutions out there. Lot of our clients like and want WordPress alongside Magento. WordPress is a great platform when it comes to publishing and managing articles. Not to mention the SEO stuff. One of the biggest issue with integrating two systems in PHP is the lack of the namespaces. This leads to function name redeclaration issues and so on. Integrating something into something is such a loosely term, depending on level of integrations… If you ask me 🙂

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TeraFlex PLUS, another Magento + WordPress duo

After we launched TeraFlex Suspensions website few months ago, we created a new similar website for Teraflex PLUS. Although the name is similar, this is not the same company. The primary goal of this site is to help Jeep owners to upgrade their pets with parts and accessories for any type of adventure. The secondary goal is to create a Jeep enthusiast community in Utah, USA and surroundings. The site is powered by WordPress and Magento combination.

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Affiliates for all – Magento integration

Recently one of our clients needed and info on Affiliate module for Magento. When it comes to Magento, word “module” is loosely related. Sure, every module needs config files in order to report it’s “connection” to Magento core. Modules like this, Affiliates for all, are modules I consider loosely related to core. They are in one or another way connected to Magento but they are self standing, independent, applications.

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