Marketing by sharing


Inchoo blog is very popular within Magento community. We get feedback from a lot of people who are interested in Magento or are Magento developers saying our blog is a very useful learning tool for them. Although it is very natural for us to share our knowledge, we noticed there are not a lot of companies that feel free enough to do so. For us, it is important to share with Magento community what we’ve learned as it can help others with their work and also be very helpful for us to get feedback so we deliver better solutions to our clients.

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Does your company care about culture?

Successful organizations care about maintaining and improving their organizational culture. Strong organizational culture means company has some customs, values, unwritten rules and basically a specific way of doing things, that all employees respect and believe in. All that helps them work better, increases their motivation, productivity, loyalty and pulls them to work better for achieving organization goals which they identify as their own.

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HowTo – “Google +1” extension for Magento

Embedding Google’s +1 button is pretty easy and straightforward. All it takes is to include 2 code snippets in your web page. One goes in the header of the page, and the other one goes to wherever where you want the +1 button to render. To do so all you need is to follow the official Google guideline outlined here.

With that in mind, let’s build us Magento extension, preferably the non-obtrusive one.

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We renewed our Magento Silver Partnership Status

Recent acquisition of Magento rattles the cage of Magento community these days. The news brought some level of unsettlement to the souls of Magento developers. Some of them switched the panic mode on and even wondered whether it is time to leave the ship.

However, when the dust settled, people realize that not so much wil change. Most important fact is that X.Commerce will not be a platform. It is just a concept that wraps different solutions and technologies together. Therefore, Magento will stay is quite similar shape and goals as it is. In the light of these events, we renewed our partnership program because we strongly believe Magento is and will be the primal eCommerce platform in years to come.

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Magento and rel=canonical

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A new comment on my old post that explains how rel=canonical element (tag) works gave me inspiration to write another article about rel=canonical. This time, I’ll try to explain why and where rel=canonical is usually necessary in a Magento store.

I’ll leave technical implementation and decision should you use any of the existing extensions or go for custom implementation to you. I’ll just cover the marketing and SEO perspective on the issue.

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How much do you really blog on your Magento shop?

Does it make sense to use aheadWorks Blog extension over WordPress? To newcomers to this site, this article might be a bit strange and confusing. One would surely ask himself, why would do these guys write about using aheadWorks Blog extension over WordPress in Magento, given that they do WordPress and Magento integrations plus all sort of custom Magento development.

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Google Analytics in Magento

Some of you who work with Magento for a long time might think that this topic is so clear that it doesn’t need to have an article. We get many inquiries to finalize the work somebody already started. One of the things we notice is that some developers tend to embed the Google Analytics code directly in the Magento theme files. Yes, it works and you will see the standard traffic data in the Google Analytics interface, but it is not a way to go.

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Magento duplicated content issues

Magento has several issues with duplicated content. Of course, you don’t actually have two versions of the same content in your database, however, in the eyes of search engines, two different URLs serving same content are counted as duplicated content and will cause you lots of problems.

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