Magento Newsletter

Magento Newsletter

If you’re using Magento you probably noticed by now that you have integrated newsletter system with it. By default, visitors are able to subscribe to your newsletter via Magento Newsletter subscription form in sidebar.

Besides newsletter subscribers, all of your store’s registered users will also appear in your Magento’s newsletter e-mail database. This database also contains information on different store views, allowing you to easily send multiple variations of your newsletter to different store view subscribers. This feature is extremely useful when dealing with multiple language web shops.

How to send a Magento Newsletter?

Newsletter Template:

The process of sending out Magento Newsletter starts with creation of Newsletter Template. Once you create this template, the template will remain there even after you send your newsletter to subscribers, allowing you to change it and use it multiple times. You can create multiple newsletter templates with different styling and test them to see which one attracts the most response from subscribers.

newsletter template

Simply click on “Add new template” button on the right and start creating your first newsletter template. You will see a screen with 5 fields. All of the fields are required. You will also notice that the largest field (“Template content” field)  already has some sort of code inside. Do not remove this code. This code will generate the unsubscribe link for your newsletter. Make sure that whatever you do this code remains on the bottom.

When creating newsletter template for Magento, note that you can actually use HTML in it. This means that if you’re not a tech savvy person, you can simply use some WYSIWYG editor and copy / paste the code it creates into your newsletter template once you’re done. In addition, if you wish to have WYSWYG editor inside your magento, check out our article on how to use TinyMCE with Magento.

Newsletter Queue:

If you open this tab in the newsletter top menu, you will notice that there are no newsletters in queue. In order to queue a newsletter you need to open “Newsletter Template” screen once again and in the action box next to your template choose “Queue Newsletter”. This action will bring up the “Edit Newsletter” screen. Notice that you can choose which store view subscribers are going to receive the newsletter. To select multiple store views, hold Ctrl key and left click on store views you wish to use. (this will only be necessary if you’re using more then one store view).

newsletter queue

You also need to set a Queue date start. Notices that the date and time you set are in fact server date and time, not your date and time. If you wish to send your newsletter immediately, you need to set it to your current server date and time or set it into past.

Newsletter Subscribers Export:

If you wish to use some other service for sending your newsletter you can easily export your Magento newsletter subscribers via admin panel. Access the “Newsletter Subscribers” screen via top menu. On the top right you will see select box with options to export your newsletter subscribers in form of CSV or XML. Export it in a form that best fits the import options of your other newsletter solution.

Can’t send Magento newsletter? Here are some common problems:

  • Your server time is different then your local time and you’ve actually queued the newsletter to be sent a few hours in future and that’s why it’s not sent right now.
  • Magento sent only small part of emails? Don’t worry, it will send them out. Magento has integrated limit on the number of emails it can send at once. Eventually, all of your emails will be sent.
  • You might need to activate your cron job as it’s often a case cron job is causing you problem. This means you will need to visit this address manually with your internet browser.

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  1. I understand how to set up the newsletter and how to bring it to queue. However, my newsletter is not getting sent out! It continues to read “sending” after almost a day… and I only have less than 200 subscribers! Help!?!

  2. Does anybody know why, when a customer process an order, the field “Website”, “Store” and “Store view” in “Newsletter Subscribers” are set to null?


  3. Hello Pratik,

    1. Login your back-end
    2. Select menu “CMS/Static Block” >> click on the button “Add New Block” >> Fill the information (block title, Identifier, Store View…) for this block. In the content field, add this code:
    {{block type=”newsletter/subscribe” name=”left.newsletter” template=”newsletter/subscribe.phtml”}}

    Hope it will helpful for you.


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