Magento official documentation download

We were among a few of the studios to receive the early release of the  Magento documentation before it’s official release date.

We broke the embargo ’cause we just didn’t have the heart to keep it to our selves, we all now how painful it is to work without it.

So finally, what we’ve all been waiting for:

It contains class references, samples, documentation and tools utilizing the APIs required to develop with Magento.
It also explains how to set up real debug environment which will help you greatly.
The package contains over 1 million words of documentation and nearly 1000 samples of code.

We just scratched the surface but we can already say it’s awesome. Enjoy!


Download mirror 1
Download mirror 2

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  1. These download mirror locations don’t seem to be working anymore ….. anybody have a link that works?

  2. hello im a web developer but not very experienced one.. help me please and assist me to build my skills.

  3. Hey guys thanks for uploading the documentation. I read the whole e-book. It was so fantastic. I have never found such beautiful examples or tricks for working in magento.

  4. We will not do it again, that would be lame 🙂

    We’ll prepare you something even more spicy for the next 1st of April 🙂

  5. I liked this one, although I could see it coming! 🙂 But of course there is now an official Magento User Guide available from Varien, basic but official none the less. Anything that helps demystify Magento is a massive help, which is why I subscribed to the Inchoo feed.

  6. Yes, sorry guys, i believe we won’t be providing new download till next April Fools day 😉

  7. @george @Yann Sorry to disappoint you guys but if you read the comments from the top again, you’ll realize the harsh truth: It’s a prank pulled of for April Fools day.

  8. Hey, thanks for the efforts, but, I am not able to download it by any of your links now. So, could you please give us another source?

  9. OMG! I was about to forward the document to my designer, hopefully to make his/my day! What a bummer!

    Guess its back to the Wiki and searching on Google!

    Thanks guys!

  10. Who says it’s a joke 😉

    I think that this is the closest thing to what Varien would provide us on magento.

    At least the number of pages is right (700-ish) 🙂

  11. You couldn’t imagine my enthusiasm to come across this manual! Nice Work! Happy April Fool’s Day!

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